Is Your Relationship Stuck in a Vicious Cycle?

Have you found yourself waiting month after month, year after year for changes in your relationship? Has someone promised you over and over again that they would make changes to make you happier?

Did they say they do certain things or stop doing/saying certain things to stop hurting you? Have they only continued the same hurtful behavior? Have you found yourself feeling frustrated because nothing ever changes in your relationship?


Well, instead of waiting for changes that obviously are never going to happen, why not make them happen yourself? No, you can’t change someone else, but we can show you how to make them change how they treat you. Remember, you are stuck in a rut too. You haven’t made changes either! Is it any wonder your relationship hasn’t changed?

Even with our guidance we continually see clients fight changes that will positively affect their lives. Remember, change is hard, so how can you expect someone to make changes if you won’t? You are the one who wants the changes most of all so you are where change starts.

Look at yourself. Have you noticed changes in your personality because of a bad relationship? Whether it be with your significant other, family member, or friend, boss or co-worker? Has if affected your sleeping habits, weight and made you a less positive person? It’s time to let us help you to make some changes and help you to get out of the cycles you are stuck in. When one part of your life is not changing or evolving in a positive manner, if often affects all other aspects of your life.

Is Your Relationship Stuck in a Vicious Cycle?
Is Your Relationship Stuck in a Vicious Cycle?


Are you a victim of physical, verbal, mental or emotional abuse? Anyone that calls you bad names, insults your intelligence, and/or disrespects you is being abusive. Just like physical abuse, it leaves scars. It wears down your self esteem and confidence. Anyone who plays head games with you tears down your self-esteem and weakens your spirit. One day they love you, then suddenly they don’t. Do they keep you guessing as to the status of your relationship?

They may use guilt, passive aggressive behavior, or get mad at you when they are the one who did something wrong. They always blame you, and it is always your fault.  This is mentally abusing you and emotionally abusing you. How can you be happy in an unhealthy relationship? How do you expect it to get better?

What will it take for you to finally be ready to change and get out of this vicious cycle? Let us help you dissect your relationships and help you salvage the relationship or enable you to cut ties with this person and get closure once and for all. We are here to help you manage the relationships in your life to keep the chaos to a minimum.


Look at yourself. Do you like and admire the person your relationships have made you become? Have you pulled away from friends and family and kept the facts of your relationship a secret? Did you used to be a secretive person? Are you keeping your relationship problems secret from your closest friends and family members? Do you  know deep down you are only keeping the secrets from those you know love you because they will tell you to get rid of someone who is acting like they don’t?

Were you always someone who put up with someone treating you poorly in a way you didn’t deserve? Why are you allowing such treatment now? Isn’t it time to go back to who you used to be? Weren’t you happier then as opposed to now? Don’t you want to be a person who does the right thing, rather than enable those who don’t? Are you fighting with someone about the same issues over and over that never get resolved? Aren’t you tired of that cycle? Don’t you want to see issues resolved and put to rest so you can heal?

It’s time to change the cycles you are stuck in. Don’t wait for someone else to change your life, no one has the capability but you, and with our help, you can.

Originally posted on 07/12/2015 @ 5:13 pm