Are YOU are the Right One for HIM?

Are the right one for him? So many times you get wrapped up wondering if he’s the right guy for you. But realistically, are you the right one for him? This is really a good thing to consider.

When you’re first getting to know someone, dating or at the beginning of your relationship, you should learn if you’re the right one for him. Your standards and ideals could be completely different. And if so the relationship will never work, no matter how attracted you are to him or how much your love him.

Tarot readings by phone will allow you see if this relationship will work. You will learn what changes, if any, you would need to make, to keep your relationship on track. So what are some of the things to consider when you ask yourself, are you the right one for him?


Are YOU are the Right One for HIM?
Are YOU are the Right One for HIM?


– Your guy is a workaholic and you can’t stand it. You want him to work less and spend more time with you.

– Your boyfriend isn’t ready to settle down yet you want to get married and start a family.

– You are engaged to a man who is trustworthy, but because you were cheated on or lied to in the past, you have trust issues.

– If your girlfriend is the life of the party and loves to go, and you don’t, you’re not compatible.

– Your husband loves his job that doesn’t pay that well but makes him happy and feel good about himself.

– If you want you wife to stay home, but she wants to go back to college and get her degree.

– Your boyfriend is a sports enthusiast, loves to watch them and play them yet you have zero interest and want him to grow up and knock it off.

– You have self-esteem issues and you need constant re-assurance from the one you love that they love you.

– Because you have a fear of abandonment you become clingy and needy out of fear the one you love will leave you.

– Your boyfriend / girlfriend is laid back and a really sweet person that likes to do things for others. You want them to change because you see it as them being taken advantage of or a doormat.


Should this person change for you? Would they be better off with someone who either thinks or sees things more like they do? Is your way really what is best for them? Will they wind up happy if they change, or just you? With your perception and opinions are you the right one for them? What if they would be happier with someone else? What if you try to change them and they decide they would rather stay the same? Are you  willing to let them go?

In a tarot reading by phone we make sure not to just look at the differences between the two people in a relationship. Our tarot readings will inform you if the changes you want or expect can happen, what will happen if they do. Sure, you may be able to get someone to change or give things up for you, but don’t you want to know if there will be any consequences because of it?

Do you want to be sitting pretty thinking everything is great and you finally have the relationship you want only to have them building up resentments towards you? Those resentments could lead them to break up or divorce you. Will those changes they made for you make you happy and them miserable? If they do, your victory will be short-lived.

Tarot readings by phone will let you know if the change is possible, if the changes will make BOTH of you happy in the long run, and if you two are right for one another. Depending on what your tarot reading shows, you may need to accept certain things about the one you love rather than force a change. Lady Branwyn and Lady Rhiannon will help you clear any baggage from sabotaging your current relationship. No one wants to pay for the mistakes or misdeeds of someone else. Tarot readings by phone will reveal what changes YOU need to make to make you the right one for THEM.

Originally posted on 08/24/2013 @ 8:39 am