Getting Back Together with Your Ex?

Getting Back Together with Your Ex?

Getting back together with your ex may not be as easy, nor as difficult, as you may think. Break ups don’t always mean the end of a relationship. Sometimes it’s a time for each person involved to take a time-out. During that time-out you should really take a good look at the relationship and determine … Read more

THE LOVERS Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation

Many people assume The Lovers tarot card addresses romantic relationships. But this tarot card isn’t always limited to love and romance. It can also be a card of partnerships. The Lovers tarot card usually contains two figures, male and female. There is and angel above them. In the Rider Waite tarot deck, The Lovers symbolize … Read more

Why Won’t He Commit?

Why Won't He Commit?

Do you find yourself wondering why he won’t commit? You spend a lot of time together and enjoy one another’s company. You think alike, share many of the same viewpoints and opinions, and have similar senses of humor. And you’re compatible in every way, including the bedroom. Everything is great except you keep waiting for … Read more

Mixed Messages and Mixed Signals in Your Relationship

mixed signals mixed messages

Mixed signals and mixed messages can really be confusing in a relationship. When you love someone, you look for validation and confirmation. You need to know they feel the same way about you that you feel about them. You want the one you love to want the same things out of a relationship you do. … Read more