The EMPEROR Tarot Card Meaning

The Emperor tarot card is the fifth Major Arcana card. He represents a powerful male influence. The Emperor can also be present as the father card. He comes right after The Empress because he compliments her.

The Empress and The Emperor represent the archetypes of father and mother figures. He usually wears a long white beard to show his power and authority. And he offers wise counsel as he has had many experiences in his long life. These experiences help him dispense counsel, wisdom and guidance. Many seek advice from him. When The Emperor appears it’s time to address some issues concerning your father, or father figure.

emperor tarot card reading
The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning


The Emperor tarot card often denotes pure male logic. It invokes discipline and masculine energy.  There is no consideration for emotion or intuition, the opposite of his counterpart, The Empress. He is a strategic thinker. The Emperor often considered a problem solver. When he is present in a tarot card reading for love and relationships, a romantic partner is shut down emotionally. The Emperor could indicate someone who is ruled by his brain, or logic. This leaves little room for his heart. And so he will be emotionally unavailable.

The mind and heart don’t connect when someone has this card present in their reading. In order to deal with day-to-day life through the application of strategic thinking, his heart may be closed only for a period of time. However, it is quite possible a ten foot thick walls surround his heart that may impossible to penetrate. On the other hand, if he presents in your love and relationship reading it could also indicate a romantic partner who is significantly older may be entering your life.

In a work or career reading, The Emperor can indicate ‘the boss’ or one who holds all the power in your current employment situation.  He tells you that you must use logic, structure and personal power to work through your current dilemma. This card also represents government and authority as well as any other person who could have dominion over you.


When reversed, The Emperor tarot card indicates an overuse of power and authority. Additionally, it is someone who is very rigid in their thinking.The Emperor tarot card reversed can indicate someone who is very controlling, stubborn and perhaps even cruel. In a love and relationship tarot card reading we must consider a reversed Emperor tarot card can indicate someone who is domineering, controlling and even physically abusive. There is no emotion present, just a need to control and dominate. In a work and career reading, a reversed Emperor tarot card could indicate a boss who rules with an iron fist, who comes across more like a dictator, as opposed to one who would willingly listen to your ideas and suggestions. This may be an indication for you to start looking for greener pastures and a better place to work.

The Emperor is ruled by the astrological sign of Aries, which can usually be used to designated timing in a reading. The timing of Aries is March 21 to April 21.


Originally posted on 06/29/2015 @ 6:44 pm