Psychic Sites: Behind the Scenes

Many people go to psychic sites hoping to get an accurate psychic reading with an ethical clairvoyant, empath, astrologer, or tarot card reader. What they do not know is that some psychic sites do not even test their readers and will put almost anybody on their site without first investigating, interviewing or questioning them. They allow these psychics to lie about their backgrounds, putting whatever they want on their listings, without verify claims, credentials or certifications. They just let you, the client, be the guinea pig to find out if the reader is any good or not.

Psychic Sites: Behind the Scenes

Psychic Sites: Behind the Scenes

There are psychic sites that promote these new psychics to you, the public, without your best interest at heart. Some sites write the listing bio for the psychics themselves to ensure it provides the best marketing slant possible and to hopefully make the psychic sound intelligent. Many times the psychic usually has such poor typing, spelling and grammar that most of you wouldn’t contact that reader and spend your money. But some psychic websites want to hide this information from you. Why? To make money of course.

The feedback system is for you, the client, to make informed decisions based on others experiences so that you may get the best, most accurate psychic reading possible. But what if the site is more concerned with making money, and removes too many bad feedback ratings, manipulating an advisor’s feedback to keep the advisor looking like a 5 star reader? Yes, on certain psychic sites they do this too as well as allowing psychic readers to pad their own feedback. If you look at the individual feedback scores you would see that is both mathematically, and algorithmically, impossible for the overall rating.

Would you want to call a psychic site that rewards it’s readers for keeping YOU on the line as long as possible? And for just logging on? Are those the criteria you think make for good psychic readers? Well, some psychic sites rank and order their psychics based on how long they keep you on the phone, how much they charge you and how long they stay logged onto the site. These are not the criteria for what establishes a good psychic but some sites out there will mislead you with their ranking orders.

You would be amazed at how many psychic sites have spell casters, aura cleansers, and curse removers on their site right now. Many do not care. Because they do not care about clients, just their own bottom line.

When psychic reading sites are clueless how the industry really works, and put money before ethics, it is the client who suffers. In life, readers should have their own moral compass, and so should the psychic sites they work for. Unfortunately, psychic sites have become more ruthless and unethical. They are less spiritual and no longer concerned about really helping people.

Be careful, be aware, and avoid psychic sites that put the dollar first, and the client last.

Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise, will never subscribe to nor play any of the games some of the psychic sites do. They will never offer to see you spells, curse removals, meditations, energy balancing or aura cleansing. They will never keep you on the phone longer than is necessary to do their readings. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are love and relationship psychics well known for their accuracy, reliability, professionalism and easy reading style. All content on this site as well as their numerous other websites has been written by them. Here you will get nothing but the truth concerning your situation. There are no gimmicks, tricks or free offers. Here you will get honest, accurate psychic readings.