Will My Boyfriend Change?

So many women wonder “Will my boyfriend change?”. They wait patiently to see if things will get better.

And now they’re impatient. They are waiting around to see if their boyfriend, or husband, will magically change into the man they first fell in love with. Or at least a man that no longer drives her crazy.

The questions you really need answers to when asking “Will my boyfriend change” are as follows:



1) What created the change in the first place?

2) Do you have any responsibility in the change occurring?

3) Do you need to make any changes as well? What is it you need to do?

4) Would you be willing to make changes if you have to?

5) Do you feel change may no longer be possible?

6) Do you feel he has all the power in your relationship and you have none? How can you get some power back?

7) Are you having the same arguments all the time? What will it take to get those issues solved?

8) Are you enabling him NOT to change?


There are reasons people change. They are the catalyst that brings about change. Is there a reason your boyfriend or husband has to change? If they’re happy, and you’re not, don’t expect them to make changes.

Change is hard. We usually only do it if we have to. Does he have to? Or will you just keep being miserable while he is the happy dictator in your relationship?



Some relationships will not bend to change, but will break instead. Should you be waiting for your dream to come true, that he will make those changes and the two of you will ride off into the sunset? What if this change is never going to happen? Don’t you want to know before you waste more of your time?

Lady Rhiannon and Lady Branwyn will not sugarcoat things. They’ll tell you like it is, good or bad. Also keep in mind, when we tell our female clients to make changes to make the men in their life change, they often resist us. They even say they can’t change.

And guess what? Their relationship does not change. And then things only go from bad to worse. Is that what you want? Are you ready for the change you say you want so bad?

Tarot readings by phone can really get your relationship back on track, if possible. And they will able to give you the guidance you need to make it so or the courage you need to move on.

Originally posted on 07/26/2013 @ 12:05 pm