Why Won’t He Commit?

Do you find yourself wondering why he won’t commit? You spend a lot of time together and enjoy one another’s company. You think alike, share many of the same viewpoints and opinions, and have similar senses of humor. And you’re compatible in every way, including the bedroom.

Everything is great except you keep waiting for a commitment. And it’s frustrating because he knows you’re the right one for him. He should know by now that you aren’t going to turn into a complete and total bitch and surprise him either.

why won't he commit
Why Won’t He Commit?

So why won’t he commit?

Each man is an individual, and their reasons for avoiding commitment vary.  Some reasons why your man won’t be your boyfriend or your husband could include:

Loss of freedom.

He feels that if he offers you a commitment that it will mean the end of his freedom. He will have to answer to someone, and what is expected of him increases. And can he be accountable for any behavior that does not coincide with a committed relationship?

Fear of failure.

He isn’t sure he won’t screw up. And without commitment he can’t get called on the carpet for very much, because your relationship has no boundaries. If you get upset or angry and say something to him, he can whip out his handy “We aren’t in a committed relationship” excuse card and you are left with nothing to say. Without that card, he no longer has a get-out-of-jail-free card. He is afraid that the more responsibility he takes for the relationship, and the higher your expectations are that he may be doomed to fail and lose you.

He isn’t ready for the next big step.

Some men feel that once they offer a commitment or agree to be in a committed relationship the next step after is marriage & family. They may feel that a committed relationship is almost the same thing as asking you to marry them. They think that you and everyone else will feel that the relationship will most likely lead to a permanent one, like marriage. Which brings us to:

Not ready to be married.

Some men that have come from broken homes look at marriage as a disaster. They have seen the ugliness of an unhealthy relationship and messy divorce. They want to keep your relationship in a “holding pattern” to keep from dealing with those fears. Marriage scares some men and have no interest in it. For whatever reason, they decided they never, ever, ever want to be married. And so they will not offer that kind of commitment to any woman.

Baggage from the past.

Previous marriages ending in a messy divorce keep men fro committing again. Men also avoid committing If they were in a committed relationship where their heart was broken. They never want to go through a similar situation again. And so they avoid any chance of it ever happening again. They make up their minds to not offer a commitment. This way they never put themselves in a position to be hurt ever again.

Peter Pan syndrome.

He doesn’t want to grow up. He still wants to go out and party with his fellow “lost boys” rather than be a big boy and settle down. Quite often men like this have friends just like them. They support each other in their immature childish behavior, and as a group may find any woman a threat to their lifestyle. They encourage each other to not settle down. A man can easily do this on his own as well. He may like simply being a bachelor.

These are just some of the reasons why men won’t commit. What is your man’s reason? And why won’t he commit to you and either be your boyfriend or your husband?


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Originally posted on 08/24/2013 @ 5:30 pm