How Does He Feel About Me?

Many callers ask How does he feel about me? during a love tarot reading. They desperately want to know how the one they love feels and what they think.

Do you look for signs, signals and clues for his real feelings about you? Does he he care for you as a person or only as a friend? Are there romantic feelings for you? Could he be in love with you?

Do you search for clues in his behavior, what he says, or what he writes in texts? Have you wondered if he talks about you to others?

Tarot readings by phone will provide truthful answers to all those questions. And they will offer valuable insight into the mind and emotions of the one you love.


Do you want to get inside his heart and find out if you are in it? Could he love you more than an ex? Is he over his ex or someone from his past? Are you worrying your feelings are one-sided? Are you confused because sometimes you feel loved and sometimes you don’t?

Has the one you love betrayed you in some way? And are you totally unsure of how they feel about you? Do you wonder if the one you love is just telling you what you want to hear, but not really feeling it? A love tarot reading can answer all those question you have, and more.

How Does He Feel
How Does He Feel About Me?


Get clarity and find out how your loved one feels about you. You may be so sure he doesn’t have feelings for you because he has them hidden so deeply. But a love tarot reading will reveal the truth. Emotions and thoughts can be hidden from you by the one you love. And a love tarot reading will reveal what they are trying so hard to hide. They can also show why they are trying so hard to hide these feelings and thoughts from you.

A love tarot reading can help you understand the fears, issues, baggage or insecurities keeping the one you love from being more open with you. On the other hand you could be under the impression that the one you love feels the same way about you, but you could be dead wrong.

You want to know that the feelings and thoughts they are expressing are for real. And not a part of some game they could be playing. So talking to Lady Branwyn or Lady Rhiannon can give you the peace of mind you need and keep you from worrying needlessly.

Love tarot readings will not give you false hope, only the truth, whatever that may be. Please be aware that your reading could possibly bring to light truths you may not be happy about. Lady Rhiannon and Lady Branwyn are honest, accurate, ethical love and relationship psychics. They will not allow you to stay stuck in a situation that is hopeless. They do not want you to stay stuck.

Instead of guessing or wondering how he feels about me, don’t you want to know for sure?Instead of feeling depressed, unloved, unappreciated, or at your wits end, get your love tarot reading and find out the truth.

Originally posted on 09/11/2018 @ 8:01 pm