The FOOL Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation

In a regular deck of playing cards The Fool appears as The Joker. In medieval times he was referred to as the Jester. When The Fool appears in a tarot reading you can be sure a new adventure is about to begin. He is setting out to find himself. The Fool, being the first of the Major Arcana, represents someone beginning his journey through life. If we look at the Rider Waite card we can see he stands at the edge of the cliff. He is at a crossroads. He has his belongings with him in his knapsack. And he is in search of his experiences.

As he stands on the cliff, he could leap and be safe. If he would but have faith in GOD, represented by the DOG at his heels. He would be safe where he lands if he would have absolute faith and trust in the Universe. But it takes courage for him to do so. He is beginning his path to unravel the mysteries of his life within the cosmos. The sun knows where he has been and where he is going and will be there when he returns. When The Fool is present in a Tarot card reading, it tells you there are major changes and major choices coming into your life.

fool tarot card meaning and interpretation
The Fool Tarot Card

THE FOOL Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation

Face Up– New beginnings, new adventures, new opportunities, opportunities from the past re-presenting themselves, unlimited possibilities, major choice, major change, have faith in God, take a leap of faith

Reversed– A bad decision, indecision, apathy, hesitation, a faulty choice, rashness, foolishness, thoughtlessness

Belongs to the element of AIR.

Astrological Planet is Uranus


You should expect the unexpected. There are new opportunities awaiting you that will be coming into your life shortly when The Fool is present. Your reader may tell you that you need to have faith in God and the Universe and that all is well regardless of which choice you make you will not make the wrong one.

In Numerology, 0 represents the void, the nothingness that is there until you begin to fill it with your choices, decisions and adventures that make up your life. The Zero brings with it transformation and change and represents the divine egg from which all life forms. It is the eternal journey we must all take as we begin and end our lives as The Foot represents the cosmic circle of life. It is the circle of life and the evolution of souls as we move from lifetime to lifetime growing and evolving with each cycle.

Your tarot reader may tell you that you are at the cross roads in life and that you must choose to go left, right or forward but that choice is up to you. An ethical tarot reader would never attempt to make choices for you. Your tarot reader should present to you the different outcomes that would happen based upon the different choices you have before you. This will allow you to make the best personal choice for your own happiness.

We need to remember The Fool does not always bring us a positive message. During your tarot reading, you may learn you have been wasting your time and energy and making some foolish decisions on your path through life. If so, she will lovingly help guide you back to the right place and path, empowering you to be the change you need to be in your own life.

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