Do You See Relationships Realistically?

Many people view relationships with unrealistic expectations. We learn most of what to expect from relationships from books, movies and television.

When it comes to relationships, however, this is where our expectations become myths. And they’re not founded in reality.

Have you seen some of the “reality” shows on television? People fighting over one person to find true love in a matter of weeks?

What does this have to do with reality? Does a situation like that ever happen in reality? No. Is it any wonder why relationships are so screwed up? No.

Do You See Relationships Realistically?
Do You See Relationships Realistically?


Drama should be saved for television shows and movies. Not your relationships. At least not healthy ones. A good relationship has its ups and downs, but the melodramatics are kept at a low.

They don’t get out of control or happen too often. When there is drama, it is short-lived. And it does not cause any real damage to the relationship. Realistically, couples do fight, but not like the “real housewives of wherever”.

In the movies and on television, men and women just seem to “know” the right thing to do or say. They even have some sort of psychic ability to know what their partner feels and needs without asking. In reality, you have to make your feelings and needs known to one another.
Don’t expect the one you love to guess. That is a test they will almost always fail. On television and in the movies, couples in love spend so much time with each another they may as well be Siamese twins. In reality, it’s healthy and acceptable for couples to spend some time apart. You both don’t like everything the other likes.


On television and in movies, relationships that are meant to be always work out. This is not through effort, but by divine intervention. In reality, people need to put time, energy and effort into their relationships to make them work, and keep them working. Bad relationships, in television, can change overnight. Realistically, change is hard. And most people resist it.

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Originally posted on 02/26/2012 @ 7:40 pm