You Had a Fight Is it Over for Good?

Couples fight all the time. But it does not always lead to a break up. Even if the couple breaks up, they often make up as soon as both sides calm down. In some cases the fight was the final straw. And the relationship is over for good. Clients often call for tarot readings by phone when they have had a fight. Fearing the relationship is over for good, is terrifying to them.  Not every fight leads to a permanent break up, but some do.


Tarot readings by phone will tell you if your fight will end your relationship. But they will also reveal if you will get back together. A love psychic will tell you what the best course of action is at this time. It may be in your best interest to remain calm and silent. Or it may be time to pull out all the stops and beg for forgiveness.

Many clients get upset when they contact us for tarot readings after they had a fight with the man in their life. They are convinced their relationship was really over. And of course they are devastated. A tarot reader can tell you if you are getting upset over nothing and if this is just a silly argument that got out of control. Your guy may have said horrible things that you cannot forget. And you make think they really meant what they said.

tarot readings by phone you had a fight

You Had a Fight is it Over for Good?

A love tarot reading will tell you if what they say are in the heat of the moment but not the truth. Your guy may have told you they no longer love you and their feelings have changed. They may have said they don’t think they can ever feel the same way about you. Tarot readings by phone will be honest with you. They will tell you if their feelings are different now, or if they just said those things out of anger. People say things during fights that are meant to hurt. And they are not always the truth.


When couples fight they say and do things they don’t mean. Some people’s anger makes them go too far. They may damage your possessions. Or they might become verbally or physically abusive They can also try and make you jealous with a member of the opposite sex. Tarot card readers will see if they are trying to make you jealous or they are really trying to move on.

They may not want to talk to you after a fight. And there needs to be a cool down time. You may be afraid they will never talk to you again. And so you keep trying to get them to speak to you. A tarot reader will tell you if that is the right thing to do or if you will only make them angrier. You do not want the fight to escalate. So before you do anything rash find out the best way to handle the fight. If he did something that made you so angry, had a huge fight and broke up, you may be afraid you pushed things too far.


A tarot card reading will tell you just how far you can make your point so he learns something and that the break up does not last. Unless you are a drama queen and he is a drama king, you don’t really want to fight. But when you do fight, you need to have some boundaries. We will be able to tell you how to handle fights so they don’t always leave you wondering if it is over. You should be able to get mad and speak your mind when someone does you wrong. But you may be afraid to because then it will be over.

Tarot readings by phone will help you set up boundaries for fighting so when issues do arise they wont always escalate to the point of no return. You may have started a fight and now regret it. He may regret it too. Don’t you want to know how he is feeling and what he is thinking about this fight? Our tarot readers specialize in love and relationships. They can tell you how he feels and what he thinks and end your worrying and ease your mind. Before you let the fight get out of hand, let them assist you in putting this fight to rest and getting your relationship back on track.

Originally posted on April 4, 2013 @ 11:09 am