What Are Tarot Cards, How Are They Used?

Tarot cards are a collection of 78 archetypes. The pictures, symbols and illustrations, present as a deck of playing cards.

They seem to have originated in Italy, around 500 years ago. Initially their use was to play a game called Triumphs.

But over time it became clear tarot cards were a picture compilation of universal imagery and symbology.


The Tarot is a collection of symbols that defy time and space. And their imagery is ageless. But it’s also very specific to where we are in our daily lives.

And we don’t know how old the Tarot actually is, although some attribute it to ancient Egypt. The Gypsies migrated from Egypt into Europe in the covered wagons. And they used the cards as divination tools.

Many folks would secretly come to them for the guidance a tarot reading could provide. And originally they weren’t intended as a divination tool. But over time, their use transitioned for tarot readings. And people quickly learned their predictive accuracy.

What Are Tarot Cards, How Are They Used?
What Are Tarot Cards, How Are They Used?

There are many who believe their origination is a meditation medium. And as you look at each tarot card individually, you’re able to understand the symbolism. So you can see how the symbolism is applied to you and your life.

The symbols can be applied to everyone regardless of religion, doctrine or personal belief. They are universal. And they are ancient. These are the archetypes who define who we are on our journey through life.


Tarot cards are broken down into three sections: the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and the Court Cards. Arcana simply means hidden or secret knowledge (the Occult).

The Major Arcana are a collection of 22 tarot cards. They illustrate the major archetypes of ‘Man’ on his journey through life. He begins as The Fool on his journey.

So the cards in succession represent the steps he must take on his spiritual journey. And the actions he takes as he works through his trials and challenges towards enlightenment.


The Minor Arcana are a total of 40 tarot cards (1 to 10) consisting of four suits: cups, wands, swords and pentacles (or disks). And each of these suits represent the four elements. Cups represent water. Wands represent fire. Swords represent air. Pentacles represent earth.

Each of these numbers attribute to numerology where ‘1’ is the beginning of something and 10 being the end. The Court Tarot Cards are 16 cards who are the King, Queen, Knight and Page (Prince/Princess) who belong to each of the four suits.

All 78 cards have numerous individual meanings. But in reverse there are an additional 78 interpretations. They are read in combinations of 2,3,4 or more cards. So this exponentially expands the number of interpretations.

The Tarot is infinite in its wisdom and knowledge. Anyone can receive answers to any question they have with a tarot card reading.

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