STRENGTH Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation

The Strength tarot card has a woman with her hands on a lion’s head. The infinity symbol is above her. The woman is taming the lion, not through brute force or struggle.

But with the power of her mind. This tarot card teaches us that mind over matter is important in our daily lives.  When this card is present we can direct our thoughts for a more positive outcome to our situations.

Strength asks us to use inner fortitude to overcome negative situations and obstacles. The Strength tarot card is ruled by the astrological sign of Leo. This can also be used as a determination for timing in your reading.

As Strength follows The Chariot tarot card, the two tell a similar story. And it is one of strength. In The Chariot tarot card, we are directed more toward physical strength and power. In the Strength tarot card we are reminded to use inner strength and positive will to affect the outcome of our situation. When this tarot card is present  you can overcome any obstacle in your life through the power of your own inner spirit.

strength tarot card
Strength Tarot Card 


When the Strength tarot card is present in a love and relationship reading it can indicate the couple have a very strong connection. They connect on many levels.

When it is reversed however, it can indicate the connection is weak, or weakening. And we can assume the relationship is meeting its conclusion.

This tarot card also indicates lust. So we must be sure that one of the partners in the relationship is not just looking for a sexual gratification that will lead nowhere.

This tarot card also represents courage, much like the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz. Even when the going gets tough, It ensures you that you have the inner fortitude to win.  This tarot card represents our resilience to overcome obstacles in our lives through mind over matter and positive thinking.

As the woman tames the lion we are also reminded that perhaps it is time to tame ourselves. If we’re indulging in an over abundance of earthly pleasures we’re being asked to focus more on spiritual matters. You are being called upon to master yourself through you own inner world and the connection to the divine. It is a card of meditation and asks us to connect within to find answers to our questions.


When this tarot card is reversed it can indicate we possess weakness in our lives, either mentally or physically. You may be feel vulnerable to the situations that surround you and fear you don’t have the ability to see your way through. However, they don’t truly exist as they only live in the confines of your mind. You may be currently lacking in self-confidence or self-esteem. This indicates you need to do some self-care to restore yourself.

Strength tarot card meanings: Strength, courage, fortitude, control, compassion, conviction and determination.

When reversed, the Strength tarot card can represent weakness, self-doubt and lack of discipline, inner courage or will power.

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