THE LOVERS Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation

Many people assume The Lovers tarot card addresses romantic relationships. But this tarot card isn’t always limited to love and romance. It can also be a card of partnerships.

The Lovers tarot card usually contains two figures, male and female. There is and angel above them. In the Rider Waite tarot deck, The Lovers symbolize Adam and Eve. Behind the female figure is the apple tree and the serpent. Behind the male figure is the Tree of Life, or Tree of Knowledge. The Angel signifies a divine presence in their relationship. It also symbolizes communication, since angels are considered heaven’s messengers. We can assume that relationships of any nature require good communication skills for them to grow and evolve.

The Lovers tarot card
THE LOVERS Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation

The astrological sign of Gemini, rules The Lovers tarot card.  This can be used to interpret timing in a reading. Gemini runs from June 21st to July 21st. Gemini is ruled by AIR, which rules communication. Love and emotions are ruled by WATER. This alone shows us there is more to this card than love, romance and sex.

It is important to note that The Lovers does not always indicate a romantic partnership. It can also mean a decision needs to made when this card is present in a tarot card reading.

Upright meanings for The Lovers

This card can indicate love, union, soulmates, romantic relationships and duality. It also shows the need to make a decision. The Lovers tarot card can also represent strong physical attraction and sexual chemistry. But the angel’s presence on the card encourages us to see that the bond goes beyond the physical.

It can also represent the beginning of a romantic relationship. If you are already in a romantic partnership, this can indicate the relationship is moving along harmoniously. The couple share mutual respect and trust. As the man looks to the woman, she looks up at the Angel. This indicates it could be a soul mate relationship, that has been divinely created. It also represents strong sexual chemistry in the relationship.

The Lovers tarot card also indicates we may need to make a major decision in our lives. Just like Eve, in the Garden of Eden, made the choice to eat the apple, even though it would produce severe consequences. We must make a similar choice.  This does not indicate an easy decision, like what you want to have for dinner. But a decision on a larger scale that may require some time to get to the right choice.

All major arcana cards indicate important situations in our lives. And perhaps of a karmic nature. They should be considered lightly. With the Angel, and divine guidance he brings, you will not make the wrong choice. Although you may fear it is when you decide your course of action.

Reverse meanings of The Lovers

When The Lovers tarot card is reversed it can represent disharmony in relationships, the ending of a relationship or a relationship that is upside down. Even though the relationship was great when it began, things are starting to feel as if they are falling apart. So you’re being asked to look at the relationship objectively.

The Lovers in reverse can also indicate the relationship is one-sided and encourage you to examine it for what it really is. Are you projecting your own romantic fantasies onto your current partner? Do you believe they are your soul mate but they deny the connection?

The Lovers tarot card reversed can also indicate a decision was made without much forethought. You did not fully consider the law of cause and effect before quickly pushing through to your choice and now you are being shown its time to reconsider.

It is important to note other cards adjacent to The Lovers Tarot card to be able to more fully interpret its meaning. If The Lovers tarot card is present with The Tower tarot card for example, it may indicate that relationship is coming to and end. When The Lovers tarot card is next to The Two of Cups tarot card, a solid romantic relationship is present in your life. If The Lovers tarot card is next to The Fool Tarot card, it indicates you must make a major decision in your life. Choose wisely.

Originally posted on 08/26/2015 @ 12:35 pm