THE HERMIT Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation

The Hermit tarot card presents as a solitary figure often holding a lantern and staff standing alone on a mountain top. The Hermit’s journey is into the world of the unconscious and the mystical.  The Hermit has reached his goal, which is often enlightenment, usually accomplished by retreating away from the world into the secure, lonely place of isolation.

The lantern he holds contains the six pointed Star of David, an ancient symbol of wisdom, which The Hermit seeks to attain. He carries the staff in his left hand, often a symbol of initiation into the higher realms. He uses his staff to achieve higher levels of awareness, unlike The Magician tarot card  who bestows grace, virtue and light from Heaven onto the earth communicating the gifts on the spirit to mankind.

THE HERMIT Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation


The Hermit tarot card corresponds to the astrological sign of Virgo which can often be used to determine timings in a tarot reading. The number 9, in numerology, signifies the end of a cycle which will indicate completion, accomplishment and attainment of goals.

When The Hermit tarot card is present in a tarot card reading it usually indicates the querent or person they are asking about, needs to take a time out from the world to assess their situation. It is not a time for communication in the outer world, but rather on the inner world. A time for retrospection, self-reflection, meditation and prayer. The Hermit tells us we need to seek wisdom, gain knowledge and take a pause in our daily activities before forging ahead. It is the time for losing yourself, and your worldly interests, so you can find God and gain introspection into your life.

If The Hermit tarot card presents itself in a tarot reading for love and relationships, it usually indicates one of people in the relationship are taking a time-out. It can mean someone has their back toward the other for a period of time to rebalance and reassess the relationship before moving forward. It can also indicate someone is being ignored in a relationship depending on the other cards surrounding it.  The Hermit tarot card in a relationship reading can also indicate that the time for being alone is coming to an end if the person has been single for some time.

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