The EMPRESS Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation

The Empress Tarot Card shows a strong empowered woman. She sits on her throne in her garden which is full of fruits and flowers. Her garden represents her connection to the Earth and to all life. She finds her comfort and grounding within the trees and flowers.

At her feet there are sprigs of wheat coming up from the ground. That symbolizes a recent harvest. The Empress is the female counterpart of The Emperor tarot card.

She is a full-figured woman with blonde hair, otherwise known as the Queen of Heaven. And she wears a crown of stars. These stars show her connection to the spiritual realm and ability to communicate there. She wears a gown patterned with pomegranates, the ancient symbol of fertility. And for this reason when she is present in a tarot card reading it could symbolize that pregnancy or childbirth are present. She reclines on rich velvet red cushions with the symbol for Venus at her feet which represents the divine feminine power in all of us.


The Empress Tarot Card meaning and interpretation
The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The Empress is our Earth Mother. She also represents the Sacred Feminine and the Goddess of Fertility. She is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, grace, fertility but also money and wealth. When the Empress is present in a tarot reading, it symbolizes a shrewd business woman who is queen of her world. She is hard at work building her empire which will no doubt be successful.

The Empress defines our femininity, all the girly aspects within us that make us a woman. She does not have a lean, hard body, but one that is more voluptuous. It can even indicate a woman who is overweight. When the Empress is present you are being called upon to create the space for more femininity in your life. Surround yourself with beauty and the things that make you feel feminine. Get in touch with your sensuality, wear nice under garments and nice feminine clothes. Remember what it is like to be a woman and make it so!

The Empress is the card of motherhood, so it can indicate that someone’s mother, or older female relative shows up in your tarot card reading. The Empress is very nurturing and caring, embodying the aspects of the Divine Mother, the Goddess. You may also be providing ‘mothering’ to others or the need to do that when this card is present, but when it is Reversed or not favored, it can show an obsessive, smothering woman in a need to control a situation.

Empress Tarot Card Meaning Upright:

A creative, fruitful period in life.  Love, sensuality, childbirth, beauty, abundance, material wealth, fertility, creativity, love, maternal care.

Empress Tarot Card Meaning Reversed:

Smothering, overbearing woman, financial difficulties, infertility, promiscuity, relationship problems. Mother issues could be a problem.

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