THE CHARIOT Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation

The Chariot tarot card represents victory, success and determination. If you have been going through a period of struggle or hardship in any area of your life, this tarot card shows you that you are about to overcome and win.

In The Chariot tarot card, a king is riding in his chariot on his way to a victory celebration. He sits beneath a canopy of six-pointed stars that indicate heavenly guidance is around him. His tunic has alchemical symbols that symbolize the transformation of man. He has no reigns to drive his chariot. And he only holds in his hand the wand of The Magician because he controls the chariot with his mind. And through his will, as opposed to his own force or aggression.

THE CHARIOT Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation
THE CHARIOT Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation


The Chariot tarot card represents overcoming obstacles with confidence and control. If you’re going through challenges, the way to overcome them is through careful planning, determination, hard work and self-discipline. Success will be yours. But it will not happen by itself. You should focus your intent to create the solution you desire and deserve.

Success will be achieved through proper thought patterns and decisive actions. But not through aggressive behaviors and tactics. So limiting overly aggressive tactics will not work or be necessary. This is about you asserting your own self-confidence, will power and inherent faith in your own abilities. This is the time to have control over your anger and emotions. They will not work in the situation you are dealing with.

The Chariot can also indicate driving a car or other motor vehicle. And at times can indicate that you or someone you know may be experiencing problems a vehicle. It can also show the desire to purchase a new one depending, on the other cards surrounding it.

The Chariot Upright Meanings

The Chariot tarot card meanings: Victory, success, overcoming obstacles without aggression, energy, car, vehicle, road trip, willpower or a journey.  When this card is present in a reading, you are being shown to move forward with your plans. And with careful planning and determination. You must believe in yourself and the ability to manifest what you need at this point in your life.

The Chariot Reversed Meanings

When The Chariot reversed it can indicate too much aggression is being applied to a situation. Now is the time to back off and allow some time and space so things can start moving forward again. A reversed Chariot tarot card can also indicate your own lack of control.

Are you quick to anger? Do you act impulsively? Do you have little will-power or self-control?  The Chariot tarot card reversed can also indicate you may be experiencing a time where you feel you have little or not control of circumstances of your life. Unfortunately it can also represent a car accident or delays or other negative influences while traveling.

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