Tarot Readings with Friends

Tarot readings with friends may not be the wisest choice to make. When your friend gets a deck of tarot cards they are anxious and eager to learn how to use them. After removing the shrink wrap and shuffling the cards they think they are ready to do readings. They can always refer back to the little reference insert. This is all well and good but they may not really know how to the interpret the card until they have had some training and practice. They want to do readings for themselves, for their friends and family and for you. Is this a good idea?


Sure it may be a way to have a free tarot reading. The problem with having someone we are close to do a tarot reading is that they may not be able to be objective with what they see in the cards. If this is a really good friend of yours, she will of course want to see the best possible outcome for you. And she knows it is something you desire and want in your life.  For instance let’s say you are asking her about your relationship with Brendan. She knows you want to marry Brendan someday. She may see that in the cards for you because she knows that is what you want. Even if it is not truly there. This is the danger in having someone close to you, read for you.

Tarot Card Readings with friends

Tarot Card Readings with Friends

They know your hopes and dreams as well as what you want in your life. They may see that in your tarot card reading even if the cards may not necessarily be showing that. This occurs because they don’t have a lot of experience giving tarot card readings. And because they want for you what you want for you. They are your friend, of course they would.


When getting a tarot card reading about someone or something that is really important to you, you need an impartial reader. And this especially true if it is something you are emotionally invested in. A professional tarot reader will be able to look at the cards and give you an honest interpretation. She does not know you or anyone you are asking about. When someone who is detached from you they will be able to give you a clear reading. A professional tarot card reader is not emotionally invested in your outcome. They will be able to give you an impartial answer to your questions which is important if you are seeking the correct answer.

The same goes with you giving tarot card readings to you friends. Yes it is very exciting to get a new deck, look at the cards and figure out the interpretations. But you have the same issue in that you are emotionally attached to your friend. When doing a tarot card reading for a friend you may also see what you want to see for her (or him) because by nature of your friendship. You want what they want. Its how true friendship works.


So what exactly can you do with the tarot cards while hanging out with your friends? Look at the cards. Maybe you each get a different deck, one getting the Rider Waite and the other getting the Witches Tarot. You can compare images and symbolism on each deck and see if the meanings of the two different illustrations for each card are similar. You can delve into the symbolism on each card and decide what it means to the both of you. For one, the tarot card interpretation may mean one thing, but for the other it could be something entirely different. And that is ok. Tarot interpretations are unique to each and every tarot card reader. Sure there is a standard meaning for each card, but there may be a nuance in the interpretation that is different between tarot card readers. It is interesting in tarot card studies to learn different meanings and different interpretations to the cards and how they can apply to daily life.


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