Psychic Frauds and Phonies: Buyer Beware!

There are many psychic frauds out there waiting to prey on your emotional vulnerability.

Anyone claiming to be 100% accurate, or who guarantee their results, are lying. Here is a news flash. Only God is 100% accurate.

And as for guaranteed results: TRY to get your money back and its GUARANTEED you wont get it. Anyone making this claim should be avoided.


Should you make the mistake of sending anyone money, save your receipts. They are not going to give you back your money out of the kindness of their hearts. Well, if there actually was kindness is their hearts, they wouldn’t ask you to send them money in the first place!

psychic frauds
Psychic Frauds and Phonies

Remember, a con artist can only con you if they appear to be sweet, compassionate, and caring. That’s how con artists and fake psychics commit psychic fraud. They get you-by making you believe they care about you.

They care about your cash and what it can do for them. These phony psychics will resort to anything to get your money. So they may need “x” amount of dollars to go to a church. And of course they will need to make candles of you and your loved ones. They say you need this to get rid negativity, curses, or spells. If any psychic gives you a line even remotely close to this, run for the hills.



Do not give any psychic your phone number. Because nine times out of ten these fake psychics will call you incessantly. They want you to believe you need this “work” done. And they truly feel they can pressure you into it.

This is a classic example of psychic fraud. Never give ANY psychic your address either. Because if this psychic is a fraud, it will make you feel very vulnerable knowing they have your address. These phony psychics try to get you to send them an enormous amount of money. And of course it’s for the fact there is a spell or negativity around you. Don’t fall for it!



These psychic frauds say the reason you aren’t getting what you want is because you’re cursed. And if you send them money they will bury your “dirty money” in sacred ground. And then all will be wonderful for you again.

Another big scam these fake psychics use is to tell you you’ve been cursed for 7 years. And for $1,000.00 for each year that you “pay the saints to protect you and remove the curse” you will be ok again. And all that for $7,000.00! What a deal!

So many people desperately want a reunion with a lost love. But their ex has someone new in their life. And the fake psychic will tell them “he loves you but she/he put a curse, spell, or black magic on them. You will NEVER get them back unless it is REMOVED”.

And sure enough, they can do it for you. For a fee of course. Another slant on psychic fraud is the fake psychic will tell anyone who is having problems with a mate, that things will get worse unless they have their aura cleansed. Or they offer to do some love spells to make everything “happy” again.

No one can do this for you. If they could, no movie star would ever get divorced. And neither would anyone rich for that matter. They can afford to have spells done daily. And these people would be in too high demand to be dealing with you.

That’s like some person who spots you at a gas station decides you are the one for them so gets candles and spells and have you fall in love with them? Yeah, right. And if you’re happily married they could get you to divorce so you could be with them by casting a spell? Please, that’s ridiculous. Psychic fraud is prevalent, so please use caution when parting with your hard-earned money.


Lady Rhiannon and Lady Branwyn are both 5-star authentic professional psychics. They focus on love and relationships to help you get your relationship on track. They’re not here to give you false hope when there is none. Nor will they allow you to stay stuck in a situation or relationship that is no longer serving you or your highest good.

Tarot readings by phone with Branwyn and Rhiannon are real. They get to the heart of the situation quickly, allowing you to see where you have problems in your life that need addressing. You will not be sold candle burnings, aura cleansing, meditations or rituals and love spells. They will just tell you what they see and your will get accurate, honest guidance.

Originally posted on 06/08/2013 @ 9:04 am