Mixed Signals: Which Way to Turn?

mixed signals in relationships

Mixed Signals: Which Way to Turn

Are the mixed signals your man is sending you driving you nuts? Is the man in your life confusing you with his behavior and what he says? Does he tell you he loves you but  does not act like it? Does your boyfriend fail to tell you he loves you but his actions make you believe he does? Has the guy you are interested in act like he is interested in you? Then other times he acts as though you don’t exist?

It is very hard when someone is trying so hard to hide their feelings for you for you to figure out what is really going on. One day you are on cloud nine because you got a positive validation that he does care and he is interested. The next day you get the opposite and fall right off that cloud you were perched on. Mixed signals in your relationship can drive you nuts!

Does He Care or Not?

So which is it? Does he care or does he not care? Is he interested, or are you just seeing what you want to see? You don’t want to waste time hoping someone will get their signals straight if they never will.  A tarot reading by phone will help you get a clear understanding of why you are getting mixed signals. Rhiannon and Branwyn can look deep into the situation, and let you know what is really going on. They will explain why their signals are so confusing and what you can do to help the situation.

It could be possible they are unaware that the signals he is putting out there are mixed. On the other hand, perhaps you do not know how to read the signals they are sending you. Maybe you are having the problem deciphering the mixed signals he is sending you. What if your boyfriend thinks you should be reading him loud and clear? What if the mixed signals are making you insecure but they are not meant to? Not knowing can really damage a relationship or prevent one from getting off the ground. Allow Rhiannon and Branwyn to help you decipher the mixed signals being put out there so you can get your relationship on the road to success.

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