Marriage Isn’t the Answer nor the Solution

Marriage is not always the answer, nor the solution. During tarot readings by phone, we often get questions about marriage that, quite frankly, stun us. Here are some examples:

  1. I keep seeing this guy in the gym and I think he is really cute, do you think we will get married someday?
  2. My girlfriend has cheated on me during our entire relationship. I have given her an ultimatum to marry me or I am leaving her. Will she marry me?
  3.  My boyfriend that I have been with for 3 years has drug and alcohol addictions. I love him, and want to spend the rest of my life with him. Will we ever get married?
  4. I just met a lady on a dating app. We have been sending text messages and talking on the phone for months. We have been talking about marriage in the future. IS this a good idea?
  5. I am in an on/off relationship with a guy . We have almost gotten married several times but he keeps breaking off our engagements. Will we ever get married.
Marriage Isn't the Answer nor the Solution

Marriage Isn’t the Answer nor the Solution

Let’s start with example 1.

Ok, the guy is cute. What are you even thinking about marriage for when you know anything about him? A better question would be “Will we ever go on a date?”. Start from the beginning. Get to know the person. See if they are relationship material. Then if you decide to get serious about this person, then ask us for a tarot reading. So often we are asked “Could this lead to marriage” when people first meet. It is a very complex answer. It is your choice if you wish to marry someone, and theirs as well. Please don’t ask us if you should marry someone. That is an opinion. And as psychic readers we are not supposed to give you our opinion. We can tell you if it would be a good marriage. But we cannot tell you who to marry. That takes away your free will.

Free will can mess up predictions. For instance, your tarot reading may show the guy at the gym will fall madly in love with you. But if you choose to call him 80 times a day, and leave flowers on his car, the situation has been sabotaged. Always remember your behavior going forward can change what the tarot cards predict. This is why Lady Rhiannon and Lady Branwyn will always let you know the course of action you need to take to make your predictions stay accurate.

Now for example 2.

So many times we are faced with situations such as this. The relationship is dysfunctional and completely toxic and out of control. For some reason, people believe if they MARRY the person, things are going to change. Yes, things WILL change. For the worse in 99% of cases. What needs to be addressed first is how to deal with the cheating. Why not ask different questions? Ask why there was cheating? Can the cheating be stopped? Will the trust be recovered? Can the relationship be a healthy relationship? Ask about marriage when that is all accomplished or there really is no point, is there?

Example 3.

This one is also more common than you think. Unfortunately many people believe that their love can stop a person from addictive behavior. It can’t. If a person is a true addict, then nothing and no one is more important than the addiction. If it is alcohol, and they are a full-blown alcoholic, they love alcohol more than you. Until they get their addictive behavior under control, the relationship is a recipe for disaster. Instead of that question, the real questions should be “Will they overcome their addiction?”. Or “What can I do so I do not enable them anymore?”. And “How do I remain strong in the process and not let them take me down with them?”.

Example 4

This is a frequently asked question now that dating apps are so popular and accepted. The thing is though, you need to meet on the dating site, and date in real life. Texts, phone conversations, and emails should not and do not replace dates. Spend time with the person and you will know how they make you feel. See if you get along. Better questions for your tarot reading would be “Does this person really want the same type of relationship I want?”. Or “Are they conversing only with me, or are there others?”. And “Will distance be an issue?”. Most importantly, “Are they just looking for sex?”.

Example 5

A better way to get an answer for #5 would be to ask how to fix the relationship currently. Ask your card reader why the one you love keeps breaking your engagement. See if there is a way to help them overcome their issues. Ask if there is a way to stop the on/off cycle of your relationship. The cards will explain the best way to do it. An on/off relationship won’t change with just a ceremony and certificate of marriage. It will take work on both your parts.

If you have a dysfunctional relationship, you will have a dysfunctional marriage. it is that simple. There are many people we all know that had a turbulent dating situation only to wind up marrying that person. Of course their marriage was turbulent. Why should anyone expect anything different? The problems need to be addressed BEFORE the marriage. Or it only complicates the issues and makes them more volatile.

We know so many of you out there want to be married, and we want you to be happily married. Let us guide your current relationship/marriage back on track  so you can have the marriage you always wanted.

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