Love Spell to Reunite Lovers: It’s a Waste of Money and Energy

A love spell to reunite lovers may seem like a good idea when someone has broken up with you.

You’re a mess and trying to find someone to do a spell to make it better; to fix it; to just put the two of you back together.

So you peruse the internet looking for lotions and potions delved out by well-meaning, and some not so well meaning, witches or spell casters, whose websites blast out “love spell to reunite lost lovers!!”

Guaranteed Love Spell to reunite lovers within 3-days! 100% Guaranteed!

Love Spell to Reunite Lovers: NOT!!!!
Love Spell to Reunite Lovers Don’t Work

How the HELL are they going to do that?

First of all, as far as love spells go, you need some hair or fingernails of the one who dumped you. And I bet since they dumped you, you probably don’t have any of that lying around in a jar by the bed. Then again, maybe you do.

They may ask you to send photos of the two of you so they can bind you together. Yeah ok, whatever, but nothing would be as powerful as hair or fingernails for a LOVE SPELL. It’s the essence of that person.

The real point here is that it’s wrong to use magic to manipulate someone if it’s against their will. And it’s a big karmic no-no.

So let’s say Billy broke up with Betty because he really wants to work things out with his wife. Now Betty could try to use a love spell to bring him back to her. But she’s trying to manipulate the energy of the situation. So she’s wasting her time and money if she paid someone to do this for her.

But she’s also creating some bad karma. She’ll reap some bad mojo for that action and so will the person who did the love spell. Well that’s if in fact they did it and not just take off with your $$$.

There is a law in magic: Harm none!

If you try to deliberately coerce someone, through loves spells, ceaseless meditations, candle burnings or energy work, you need to be very sure that you’re wiling to accept the responsibility for your actions.

And so does your spell caster. If the only way you can get them is by spells and potions, are they really worth having? Probably not. Unless you really want them to be with you forever and have that much energy to burn all the time.

We Can Make Him Fall in Love with You and Bind Him to YOU Forever!

Is that really what you want? What if after a year, more or less, you decide you just don’t want them? What if you hate the way he scratches himself, learn that he is really a slob, has no ambition, and uses your hair pins to clean out his ear wax.

You hate her chewing, belching and farting, and now she is bound to you forever! WTF are you going to do now? Get another spell to remove them? Get rid of them? Bind them to someone else?

It does not work that way.

There is an old saying “Be careful what you wish for”. Well guess what, you better be careful what you do a love spell for. If these Internet Witches with their “100% guarantees of making him love you forever” are as good as they advertise, forever is a helluva long time.

Then again, since you disobeyed the laws of karma, and magic for that matter, this is pretty much what you deserve.

Once again, if you seek to coerce the one you love through love spells and magic, you are only setting yourself up for a world of hurt later on. It screws with your karma and will send it back to you times 3. And not only to you, but to the idiot that performed the spell for you.

Casting spells is never something to be taken lightly. It should not be done for personal gain. So not only will you get the big Universal kick in the ass but so will the one who did the spell for you. And shame on them for meddling in the natural flow of the Universe.

Originally posted on 09/11/2018 @ 8:01 pm