Click4advisor Psychic Readings: Tarot Readings by Phone

Tarot readings by phone, using Click4Advisor allows clients to connect with a psychic quickly.  Callers can see we are immediately available to take their calls when they need to speak with someone quickly. There is not need to book and wait for an appointment. With, your name, credit card and banking info,address and phone number are all kept private between you and the service. The psychic will never be privy to any of your confidential information. And you, will not have any of the psychic’s confidential information either.  This ensures safety for both the callers and the psychics.

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Sign up for a free account. Then enter all of your information. And from there you can call any psychic that uses the click4advisor service for tarot readings by phone. An added benefit of having a click4advisor account is you don’t need to be in front of a computer. With their 1-800 call in number, you can call a psychic for a tarot reading as long as you have your pin number and the readers extension number. When you are ready for your psychic reading, simply click on a psychic’s button. Or you can call in via the 1-800 number. And they connect you to the reader. Both telephone numbers (the clients and the psychics) are kept private from one another.
Click4advisor tarot readings by phone

Click4advisor Tarot Readings by Phone

You can schedule appointments in advance for psychic readings, or if the psychic is currently busy you can arrange to speak with the psychic when they are available by arranging a call. Click4advisor also has its own internal email. You do not have to buy a block of time for tarot readings by phone. You are charged on a per minute basis and can make your tarot reading by phone as long or as short as you like.
Many clients have asked us about how to use the system and how it works. There is a walk through on that let’s you know exactly how the system works and how to operate it successfully. Click4advisor has been doing business for many years, has a great reputation. They have very little down time due to tech errors and glitches. That is why Lady Rhiannon and Lady Branwyn have chosen click4advisor as the service we use for tarot readings by phone.

Originally posted on June 3, 2013 @ 8:29 am