Are you Just Friends, but You Want More?

You may have met a guy who you really like and would love to date but for right now, all you are is just friends. Love tarot card readings will reveal if the guy you just met is interested in you. They will show if he is just taking some time to get to know you a little better before he asks you out. He may still have feelings for an ex girlfriend. Maybe there is an ex-wife he needs to get over. So all he can offer is just friends right now. You may want to push it, but a love tarot card reading will tell you if that is a good idea or not.


Your friend may not have feelings for you of a romantic nature right now, but will he in the future? A love tarot reading can tell you if he will develop romantic feelings for you down the line. Women always seem to think expressing their feelings to him will do something good. This is not always the case. It can end your friendship, make it awkward, and be a turn off. We can tell you if you should reveal your feelings for your friend and the outcome of revealing those feelings.

just friends tarot readings by phone

Are you Just Friends but Want More?

You may have been though a break-up and your ex wants to be just friends. But you want more. You do not want to be stuck in the “just friends zone” forever. And you are afraid you will be. A love tarot reading will reveal if your ex is really seeking only friendship. You may be reading too much into your friendship with your ex. And you think that it is just a matter of time before he wants you back. A love psychic will tell you if you are in a state of denial. This would prevent you from moving on from your ex like you should. Love psychics will tell you if you should use the friendship to spend time with your ex. Sometimes keeping open communication can help you get back together.


You may want more from your friend and hope to get into a relationship. So now you’re thinking if you have sex with your friend that is a step in the right direction. Your friend may see it as a just friends with benefits situation. And think you are o.k. with that just like he is. We will be able to tell you if the friends with benefits thing is leading anywhere or if you made a big mistake.

Your friend may be in a relationship and that is the reason nothing has happened between the two of you.  A love psychic will be able to tell you how your friends relationship is going, and where it is headed. We will also be able to tell you if their relationship will end and if your friend will give you a chance when it does end.

Your friend may talk to you about other women they may like or date. Now that may be a very bad sign to you that they see you as just friends. A love psychic will be able to tell you if they are trying to get a jealous reaction out of you or if they are totally oblivious to your feelings. Our tarot readers will be able to see if there is anything to do to make your friend see you as something more. It may hurt to be around your friend because of the things they say and do, and the waiting around to see if something will happen can be very frustrating. Have a tarot reading by phone and see what, if anything, will come from your just friends relationship.

Originally posted on December 12, 2012 @ 12:52 pm