Are You Too Available for Your Unavailable Guy?

Are you too available for your unavailable man? Do you always drop everything going on in your life because the man you love finally has time to spend with you? Do you never consider saying “NO” to someone who easily says “NO” to you? Do you consistently make time for someone who makes excuses not to see you? Do you let those excuses slide, because, after all, he is really busy? You may be too available for the wrong guy, one who will never be emotionally or physically available for you. If you are too available for someone who is either emotionally or physically unavailable, you are wasting your time on a dead end relationship.

Are You Too Available for Your Unavailable Guy

Are You Too Available for Your Unavailable Guy

Have you seen those internet dating commercials that always show success stories? Well that is a great marketing spin for them. They never show the greater reality however, that shows woman waiting months, and sometimes years, for the guy to even agree to meet her in person… much less go on another date!

If you are involved in an affair, then all your time together is what is best for him, not for you. It will always be on his terms. He has another life, that includes a wife or girlfriend, and will not always available when you want him to be. Will that ever change? Maybe, maybe not. But wouldn’t you rather know so you can decide the steps you need to take to create a better life for yourself? One that may, or may not include him?  A love tarot card reading will reveal if this affair is only for his convenience or if he will ever leave her for you. You may even be enabling him to stay in his marriage or with his girlfriend because you are keeping him happy! If he gets all he needs from you, in this affair, then what possible reason does he have for leaving his wife? Nothing. Bottom line, if he was going to leave his wife, he would have. The fact that he is having an affair with you, it is a good indication that he probably has zero intention of ending his marriage. All this being said, there have been a small percentage of guys who have. What will be the outcome for you?

If you are tired of waiting for a man to find time to see you, spend time with you, and make you an important part of his life, wouldn’t you like to know if there is anything you can do to change that? Why not see if there is anything Sarah and Sophia can recommend to encourage your guy to spend more time with you. A love tarot reading will reveal if your relationship is one sided. If you know the one you love will never put for any effort to be with you, spend time with you, call you, hell even text you with any regularity,  do you really want to stay in that relationship, praying and hoping for change? Or would you rather empower yourself to take control of you life?