Timing Predictions with Tarot Readings

Calculating timing in tarot readings is never an easy task. There is no real tried and true method for determining timing in tarot readings. More often than not, we are inundated time again with questions about time frames and how a time frame will manifest in the clients’ readings. First and foremost, there is NO 100% guarantee on timing in tarot readings or how it relates to time frames, time lines or timing of a future event. In the psychic realm time is not linear. There is no reference. There is no starting point. There is no science to compute timing. It is fluid, like water, which moves and flows with a current. This is not something we came up with as an excuse as to why things did not happen on Thursday. Nope. This is a law of psychics, actually, and discussed in depth by Albert Einstein. There is no time and space, everything happens now.. according to Einstein. We don’t want to argue that and sure as hell won’t attempt to disprove it. So just because s/he did not call on that projected Thursday, it does not mean that we are wrong or that they are not going to call.

tarot readings by phone timing

Timing Predictions in Tarot Readings

Of course you can compute timing with tarot readings by using the astrological significators for each card of the Major Arcana, or you can intuitively add up some of the cards in your spread.  So if you want to know when you might get a new job, and the The Hermit appears, it would be telling you that you will begin a new job somewhere between August 21 and September 21, when the sun is in Virgo.  Here is the list of astrological signs as they relate to the Tarot.

  • Capricorn      The Devil
  • Aquarius        The Star
  • Pisces              The Moon (The High Priestess and The Hang Man can also be used)
  • Aries               The Emporer
  • Taurus           The Hierophant
  • Gemini           The Lovers
  • Cancer           The Chariot
  • Leo                  Strength
  • Virgo              Hermit
  • Libra              Justice
  • Scorpio         Death
  • Sagittarius  Temperance

There are many other reasons WHY a tarot reading does not manifest in the time frame given just as there are many reasons why the outcome changes. When we give a psychic consultation, we make it a point to delve deeper with the clients. Not just “is so and so going to come back” but the reasons why so-and so LEFT in the first place, what went wrong, and what needs to change so the relationship is different this time, and so-and-so does not leave again. After all that is what you really want isn’t it? Not if he is 100% absolutely without a doubt going to call you at 10 PM on Thursday. Because THAT is just a short term answer to a long term problem.

Of course Psychic Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise will answer timing questions such as:

When will he call me?
When will we be together again?
When will he divorce his wife?
When will we be in a committed relationship?
When will we buy a new home?

We are constantly frustrated with the belief some people have that the problems in their lives are going to be solved by a “miracle”, an “epiphany” or just “disappear” entirely. Countless times during psychic consultations we have to remind the client that change very very RARELY happens magically, it takes work. And TIME. Leopards don’t change their spots overnight, so how in the hell can you expect a human to? You would think that clients, who are willing to pay for psychic consultations, go through heartache of a dysfunctional relationship and everything that that entails, would be more than happy to try something different (change) so they can have a relationship for the better. Think again. Yes many clients want psychic consultations where the adviser is just supposed to support the client, give them happy fairy tales that things will work out like magic, and if you are one of them, please find different psychics to consult with. Keep in mind even those willing to do the work fall back on the same old behaviors and the dynamics of the dysfunctional relationship.

Here is an example of what delays time frames, outcomes, etc. For example, if during your psychic consultation your adviser tells you that you and “Joe” will reconcile in Sept, but you must refrain from contacting “joe” and you contact Joe, forget September as your time frame. Don’t blame us if YOU can’t follow the guidance your reading is giving you. If you are told during your psychic consultation to stand your ground so your relationship will move forward and you continue to engage with “Joe” then again, your timing and outcome is off. Everything goes hand in hand, and IF there are things the client needs to do in order for our predictions to occur, then IF they are not followed, we accept zero responsibility.