Is He Bad for You? Is He the Wrong Guy for You?

Is He Bad for You? Is He the Wrong Guy for You?

Are you with a guy you love but feel may be bad for you? Do you love someone who brings out the worst in you rather than the best? Do you wonder why such a good person as yourself is with a bad guy or a guy that is so bad for you? When you are … Read more

Mixed Signals: Which Way to Turn?

mixed signals in relationships

Are the mixed signals your man is sending you driving you nuts? Is the man in your life confusing you with his behavior and what he says? Does he tell you he loves you but  does not act like it? Does your boyfriend fail to tell you he loves you but his actions make you … Read more

Psychic Sites Behind the Scenes

Many people go to psychic sites hoping to get an accurate psychic reading. They want to speak with an ethical clairvoyant, empath, astrologer, or tarot card reader. Unfortunately, most psychic sites do not test their readers. And they will put almost anybody on their site without first investigating, interviewing or questioning them. They allow these … Read more

How Does He Feel About Me?

how does he feel about me

Many callers ask “How does he feel about me?” during a love psychic reading. Do you look for signs, signals and clues for his real feelings about you? Do you wonder if he cares for you as a person or a friend. Does he have romantic feelings for you and possibly be in love with … Read more

Why Does He Keep Breaking Up With Me?

Why Does He Keep Breaking Up With Me?

Do you wonder why he keeps breaking up with you? When you are involved in an on/off relationship, the instability can drive you nuts. You never know what little thing you may say or do could set your partner off and they break up with you again. You wonder why they say they love you, … Read more