Timing Predictions with Tarot Readings

tarot readings by phone timing

Calculating timing in tarot readings is never an easy task. There is no real tried and true method for determining timing in tarot readings by phone. We are inundated time again with questions about time frames and how a time frame will manifest in tarot readings. TIMING IN TAROT READINGS BY PHONE IS NOT GUARANTEED … Read more

Are you Just Friends, but You Want More?

tarot readings by phone

You may have met a guy who you really like and would love to date but for right now, all you are is just friends. Love tarot card readings will reveal if the guy you just met is interested in you. They will show if he is just taking some time to get to know … Read more

Do You See Relationships Realistically?

Do You See Relationships Realistically?

Many people view relationships with unrealistic expectations. We learn most of what to expect from relationships from books, movies and television. When it comes to relationships, however, this is where our expectations become myths. And they not founded in reality. Have you seen some of the “reality” shows on television? People fighting over one person … Read more

Mixed Signals: Which Way to Turn?

mixed signals in relationships

Are the mixed signals your man is sending you driving you nuts? Is the man in your life confusing you with his behavior and what he says? Does he tell you he loves you but  does not act like it? Does your boyfriend fail to tell you he loves you but his actions make you … Read more

How Does He Feel About Me?

how does he feel about me

Many callers ask “How does he feel about me?” during a love psychic reading. Do you look for signs, signals and clues for his real feelings about you? Do you wonder if he cares for you as a person or a friend. Does he have romantic feelings for you and possibly be in love with … Read more