Tarot Cards for Love, Relationships and Soulmates

There are several tarot cards for love, relationships and soulmates. Many times during a tarot reading, your reader may indicate you are currently in a soulmate relationship. She may reveal you have a soulmate relationship coming into your life. But what exactly does the tarot reader see that would allow her to make that statement or prediction? There are several cards in the tarot that indicate a soulmate relationship, especially when combined with the surrounding cards.

Soulmate relationships are karmic relationships and Major Arcana cards suggest strong karmic influences. If there are a lot of major arcana cards in a reading about love or relationships this indicates a soulmate relationship could be present. Out of the major Arcana, tarot cards for love that define soulmate influences would be The Lovers, The Sun, The Star and The World.


Tarot Cards for Love, Relationships and Soulmates

Tarot Cards for Love


One of the major tarot cards for love is The Lovers tarot card. It represents relationships and choices. When it appears you can be there is some decision about a relationship that needs to be made, although it could also just mean a general life decision needs to be considered. The Lovers relates to the astrological sign of Gemini, The Twins. So considering which tarot cards relate to soulmates I have to say, The Lovers by far is my first choice simply because of the twin symbolism of the card as well as Gemini. In addition to a soulmate indicator it can also indicate choices, temptation (see the snake in the tree of knowledge), knowledge itself, passion, sexuality, connection. After all, soulmate are all about connection!



tarot cards for love the sun

Tarot Cards for Love




The Sun is also one of the major tarot cards for love. The Sun is a soulmate indicator because it teaches us about positive feelings, expansion, optimism also represents happiness, contentment and joy. It is often referred to as the BEST card to get when receiving a tarot card reading. The sun, in all its glory, is shining brightly upon you and all things in your life are good, whole and complete. If it is surrounded by other positive cards such as the 2 of cups or 4 of wands, I feel it gives additional support to that card as a soulmate indicator.


the star tarot card meaning

The Star Tarot Card



The Star is another one of the tarot cards for love. WhenThe Star is present in a tarot card reading the other person sees the querent (the one receiving the reading) as the ideal romantic partner. The Star tarot card tells us about free-flowing love, tranquility and peace of mind. The naked woman pours water from the jars onto the land or into the water. We are reminded of the fluidity of water and how it is constantly changing very much like a soulmate relationship.

The two jugs represent the opposite sides of our nature, our shadow self and our true self, which can imply the soulmate relationship. The star above her head reminds us of the fulfillment of our hopes and dreams much like our expectations for a soulmate relationship. The 8 stars represent all 8 planets with the exception of Pluto – so we are reminded of the inter-connectedness of the Universe and how the soulmate tradition came into being. The bird in the tree can represent the Phoenix rising from the ashes, which is often very reminiscent of soulmate relationships and how they come around life after life as there are very strong influences of past lives in soulmate relationships.

The World Tarot cards for love

Tarot Cards for Love



The World tarot card can also give an interpretation of a soulmate relationship. The figure of the card is both male and female, complete and whole as they are. They contain both sides of themselves, the yin and yang and have managed to find balance. The World is the alchemical union – the spiritual union – the physical with the divine in perfect harmony. It represents success, accomplishment, harmony and union between opposites (male and female) who have merged into one.


tarot cards for love two of cups

Tarot Cards for Love



In the Minor Arcana the Two of Cups teaches us about the soulmate union. The couple stare into each other’s eyes. They individually hold their cups, symbolizing the fluidity of water. This is the emotional component of a true love relationship. There is romance, chemistry and sexual attraction between them. It is a strong connection as they look at each other. This is about harmony between two people, a coupling, a true soulmate bonding. When the Two of Cups is present in a tarot card reading it indicates soulmate union between two people.


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