You Had a Fight Is it Over for Good?

You Had a Fight.. Is it Over for Good?

Couples fight all the time. But it does not always lead to a break up. Even if the couple breaks up, they often make up as soon as both sides calm down. In some cases the fight was the final straw. And the relationship is over for good. Clients often call for tarot readings by … Read more

Are you Just Friends, but You Want More?

tarot readings by phone

You may have met a guy who you really like and would love to date but for right now, all you are is just friends. Love tarot card readings will reveal if the guy you just met is interested in you. They will show if he is just taking some time to get to know … Read more

Is He the ONE? Find out with a LoveTarot Card Reading

Is He the ONE??

Is he the one? You meet new guy, have a great connection and immediately wonder if he is your Mr. Right.  You have so much in common, feel so comfortable with each other, and the chemistry is off the charts!  Love tarot card readings can tell you if he is the guy you have been … Read more

Do You See Relationships Realistically?

Do You See Relationships Realistically?

Many people view relationships with unrealistic expectations. We learn most of what to expect from relationships from books, movies and television. When it comes to relationships, however, this is where our expectations become myths. And they not founded in reality. Have you seen some of the “reality” shows on television? People fighting over one person … Read more

Tarot Readers – What Type do you Prefer?

Tarot Readers - What Type do you Prefer?

Tarot readers can be found online to meet whatever your reading style or type preference. There are many different types of tarot readers available either by phone, chat or even email. TECHNICAL TAROT READERS There are several different types of tarot card readers. Some use tarot cards but others use plain playing card readers. The … Read more