Why Isn’t He Afraid of Losing Me?

People ask us all the time, “Why isn’t he afraid of losing me?”

Is your boyfriend or husband pushing the envelope with his bad behavior? Do you wonder why he keeps crossing line after line? And yet, he is unafraid of the consequences?

Do you ask yourself, and others, “Why isn’t he afraid of losing me?”


Well, one answer to that question could be, because you have taken all that fear away from him. Another answer is because he really doesn’t care if he loses you. Which one is it? Regardless, its time to make him afraid of losing you!

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Why Isn’t He Afraid of Losing Me?

I am not afraid of losing my newspaper because I could simply go out and buy another one. Besides the newspaper is not that important to me. I throw it out at the end of the day.

Is that how your boyfriend or husband feels about you? Does he think you’re replaceable? Does he give you very little worth in his life? If he does, that’s your answer right there. You’re not afraid to lose something that holds little or no value to you.

The other answer is more complex. If you have repeatedly let your boyfriend or husband believe that no matter what he does, says, doesn’t do, or doesn’t say that you’re not going anywhere, why should he be afraid of losing you? You convinced him that you will put up with anything he dishes out, so why should he be afraid? If there have been no consequences to his actions, nothing negative happens to him after he does what he does. So of course he will do it again.

Let’s use football as an example.

You and your husband agree that on Sunday you both have to get some work done around the house. He promises week after week to do it. But he keeps watching the football game. You get angry week after week, and because these things need to get done, you do it yourself or keep on him that this stuff has to get done.

Let’s look at that from his perspective. There’s work he doesn’t want to do. It isn’t fun. Watching the game is. What price does he pay to watch that game and not do the work?

Some complaining from you. He decides that’s a fair enough price to do what he wants and not what you want him to do. So what do you do? RAISE THE PRICE TO SOMETHING HE CANNOT AFFORD OR IS NOT WILLING TO PAY.

So when you wonder why he isn’t afraid of losing you, ask yourself if you made idle threats. Did you tell him if he continues to do “x” you would end the relationship? Did he continue to do it and you did not end the relationship? If the answer is yes, then why did you threaten him with no follow through?

You taught him to call your bluff because you do not mean what you say. Either stop threatening him or learn to follow through. Only then will he take you seriously.

If you are worried or depressed because you feel powerless in your relationship and that your husband or boyfriend is not afraid of losing you, tarot readings by phone will help your relationship. They can tell you if your guy just simply doesn’t care enough to be afraid, or if you can do something to make him afraid of losing you.

Originally posted on 06/02/2013 @ 1:05 pm