Why Does He Keep Breaking Up With Me?

Do you wonder why he keeps breaking up with you? When you’re involved in an on/off relationship, the instability can drive you nuts. You never know what little thing you may say or do could set your partner off and they break up with you again.

You wonder why they say they love you, that they don’t want to lose yo. Then for no good reason, they keep breaking up with you.


Everyone has different guesses as to why he keeps breaking up. They think it’s because he doesn’t really care enough for them or their relationship. That could be true, depending on the individual. But not always.

You may take it seriously, but he doesn’t. Sometimes he uses breaking up with you as a way to win an argument. It’s very childish and destructive, but people still do it. Women do it too.

Why Does He Keep Breaking Up With Me?
Why Does He Keep Breaking Up With Me?

Drama queens and kings that always take everything to the highest level will keep breaking up with you for the dumbest reasons. They have to take every disagreement to temper tantrum level and they finish it off by breaking up with you.

Drama queens and kings aren’t really breaking up with you. They know it’s their way of fighting. And they know they don’t really want the relationship over. They say it because they believe they can take it back and that you guys will get back together. This is done in an effort to take the focus off of them and to punish you for disagreeing with them.


Until you stand up for yourself and show them you won’t tolerate this anymore, through your actions, they will do this for the duration of your relationship. Your friends and family will think your relationship is a joke if you keep breaking up all the time.

They won’t sympathize with you anymore. And they’ll hope secretly that you don’t get back with them because they’re sick of this dysfunctional relationship at this point. You need to be sick of it too and do whatever you can to turn it around.

When he keeps breaking up with you, he doesn’t take breaking up seriously. There will come a point when he doesn’t take you seriously either. And when you and the relationship have no value, you will stand a good chance that you could break up for good.

You need to make sure he gains respect for both you and your relationship. That cannot happen if you let him getting away with breaking up with you all the time. Something has to change, and has to change soon.

Make it a stipulation that if you give him another chance, he has to go to counseling since he can’t seem to stop doing it on his own. Promises aren’t worth anything if they keep breaking them, so just promising they won’t do it again isn’t enough. Make him be the one that pays for the counseling sessions as well. If he won’t go after he said he would, then break up with HIM. Don’t take him back until he takes the consequences of his repeated action.

If he keeps breaking up with you because he goes back and forth between you and another woman, you need to get off the merry-go-round. You’re on a crazy ride to nowhere but insanity. Get off while you have your self-respect. It doesn’t matter how much you love him. You have to love yourself. And if you really do love him, you will make him rise to your level rather than sink down into the gutter with him.

Originally posted on 09/11/2018 @ 8:01 pm

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