Is He Bad for You? Is She Wrong for You?

Are you with a guy you love but feel may be bad for you? Do you love someone who brings out the worst in you rather than the best?

Do you wonder why such a good person as yourself is with a bad guy or a guy that is so bad for you?

When you’re in the right relationship, you feel loved and supported. And you find yourself having the courage and strength to do just about anything.

But when you’re in the wrong relationship, you do things you, as well as your friends and family, would never think you could do. Your self-esteem and ego plummets, and you become needy, insecure, and ashamed.

If he (or she) is bad for you, they have a bad affect on your life as a whole. Your work/career takes a hit, your relationships with friends and family change because you now keep secrets from them or become defensive about your relation with him/her. Your financial situation can take a turn for the worse.

So how do you know if he is bad for you?

You should be treated well, instead of like garbage. He should respect you, not disrespect you. You should be a priority in someone’s life, not an after thought. Is he filling your emotional and psychical and intellectual needs? Or is he using you for sex or money. You should feel proud or their behavior, and of yours, instead of ashamed and trying to hide it.

Is He Bad for You? 

A relationship with someone who is not right for you is destined to end at one point. You will not feel good about yourself or the relationship. A relationship like that cannot survive, and while you’re involved in it, you will be miserable. When you try to move on from that relationship, you may suffer so much damage your emotional baggage won’t fit on an airplane.

A man or woman who is bad for you cheats on you. This leaves you feeling betrayed and suspicious, with lots of trust issues. A man or woman who is bad for you treats everyone else well. Sadly they treat you like garbage.

A man or woman who is bad for you is jealous of your friends and family. They will attempt to keep positive people away from you. This leaves you isolated and dependent on them. This is what they want so they can manipulate and control you. No one that loves you forces you to choose between them and your loved ones, unless your loved ones have REALLY gone over the line of decency.

A man or woman who is bad for you sabotages your career and your goals. They cause problems when you have a deadline, or act inappropriately to your colleagues and superiors. These people make you think you shouldn’t even try or you will fail.

This is discouraging instead of encouraging. They are negative people who are not good to be around, or are afraid if you’re successful, you will leave them. A live psychic reading will show if this person can be a more positive influence in your life. It will also show if it is time to get rid of them and their negativity.

A man or woman who is bad for you will not commit. He or she will not let you go either. They will send you mixed signals and may keep you stuck in an on off relationship.  They will change their mind, their mood, and your relationship status whenever they feel like it.

You will never feel secure, and the relationship never grows and evolves. A man or woman who is bad for you uses you for sex or for money. The money they never pay back, and get mad at you if you bring up repayment. They also get mad at you if you won’t loan them more money. If they’re using you for sex, they won’t talk about a relationship. They make you think you “might” have a relationship with them, but that day never seems to come.

If you want to see how you’ve been manipulated, a tarot reading will help. This allows you to see them without rose-colored glasses. You will also learn if they will ever be able to financially support themselves and treat you more than a booty call.

If your relationship is not bringing out the best in you, love psychics can help discover if there is a way to change all the bad in your relationship to good. Your loved one will no longer be a negative part of your life, as they can help facilitate a more positive relationship that lifts you up instead of drags you down.


Originally posted on 09/11/2018 @ 8:01 pm

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