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Do You Have a Strong Relationship? Love Tarot Readings by Phone

Do you have strong relationship? Does your strong relationship make you feel as though you can take on the world? If it doesn’t, it can often make you feel so weak that you can barely function or make it through your day. Does your love and commitment for someone give them all the strength and security they need while you get nothing in return? A relationship can either make you stronger, add to your self-esteem and self worth or break you down, piece by piece until you hit rock bottom. Sometimes it is not the other person’s fault, but our own insecurities and behaviors that make us feel vulnerable and weak. We can have a fear of getting hurt so we hide our emotions as best we can. Do either you or the one you love do this?

love tarot reading strong relationship

Do you have a strong relationship?

Is your romantic partner hiding behind fear? Is the love that you have for someone else giving you strength or making you feel like a weakling? Do you feel that no matter what you do, the one you love will never love you the same way?

A strong relationship has no trust issues. A strong relationship has each member making the relationship a priority. A strong relationship elevates those involved, it doesn’t keep them down. A strong relationships allows each member to lean on one another for strength and help, it doesn’t wound them or hurt them in the first place. A strong relationship is an equal one, with neither member having more power that the other. Each member of the relationship feels safe to be themselves, reveal their fears and worries, and not worry about being judged.

If you have a strong relationship you don’t feel the need to constantly check their phone, break into their email account, or do drive-bys of their workplace and home to check on them. A strong relationship has trust. If your relationship has deteriorated over time and you don’t know if it can be fixed or not, the time to find out is now. Find out if your relationship can be fixed and if it can be fixed with a psychic reading from one of our advisors. Even the strongest of relationships can be tested, and there is a way to minimize the damage or avoid any altogether. This is where a psychic reading can assist you in keeping the damage to a minimum or to keep your relationship from getting damaged in any way. Relationships require work, just like we work our bodies to keep them healthy and strong. Let our psychic readers be your personal relationship “trainers” and get your relationship healthy and strong too!

Why Won’t He Commit?

Do you find yourself wondering, week after week, or month after month ~ perhaps longer ~ why won’t he commit? You’ve spent time together and enjoy one another’s company. You think alike, share many of the same viewpoints and opinions, and have similar senses of humor. You are compatible in every way, including the bedroom. Everything is great except that he won’t give you a commitment. You get frustrated because he should know you are the right one for him, and he should know by now that you aren’t going to turn into a complete and total bitch and surprise him either.

why won't he commit

Why Won’t He Commit?

So why won’t he commit? Each man is an individual, and their reasons for avoiding commitment vary.  Some reasons why your man won’t be your boyfriend or your husband could include:

  1. Loss of freedom. He feels that if he offers you a commitment that it will mean the end of his freedom. He will have to answer to someone, and what is expected of him increases. He will be held accountable for any behavior that does not coincide with a committed relationship.
  2. Fear of failure. He isn’t sure he won’t screw up. If you have no commitment between the two of you, he can’t get called on the carpet for very much, because your relationship (or lack of) has no boundaries. If you do get upset or angry and say something to him, he can whip out his handy “We aren’t in a committed relationship” excuse card and you are left with nothing to say. Without that card, he no longer has a get-out-of-jail-free card. He is afraid that the more responsibility he takes for the relationship, and the higher your expectations are that he may be doomed to fail and lose you.
  3. He isn’t ready for the next big step. Some men feel that once they offer a commitment or agree to be in a committed relationship the next step after is marriage & family. They may feel that a committed relationship is almost the same thing as asking you to marry them. They think that you and everyone else will feel that the relationship will most likely lead to a permanent one, like marriage. Which brings us to:
  4. Not ready to be married. Some men that have come from broken homes look at marriage as a disaster. They have seen the ugliness of an unhealthy relationship and messy divorce. They want to keep your relationship in a “holding pattern” to keep from dealing with those fears. Some men have zero interest in ever being married in the first place. They decided, for whatever reason, that the never, ever, ever want to be married, so they will not offer that kind of commitment to any woman.
  5. Baggage from the past. A previous marriage that ended in a messy divorce or a committed relationship where their heart was broken is quite often an obstacle that many men would rather avoid than deal with. Because they never want to go through a similar situation again, they avoid any chance of it ever happening again. They make up their minds to not offer a commitment so they never put themselves in a position to be hurt ever again.
  6. Peter Pan syndrome. He doesn’t want to grow up. He still wants to go out and party with his fellow “lost boys” rather than be a big boy and settle down. Quite often men like this have friends just like them. They support each other in their immature childish behavior, and as a group may find any woman a threat to their lifestyle. They encourage each other to not settle down. A man can easily do this on his own as well. He may like simply being a bachelor.

These are just some of the reasons why men won’t commit. What is your man’s reason? Why won’t he commit to you and either be your boyfriend or your husband? A love tarot reading with Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise will uncover the reason why your man won’t commit to YOU.  You can’t expect to help him get over his fear or resistance of commitment if you don’t know WHY he won’t commit in the first place!  He may be giving you his reasons why he won’t commit, but that may not be the real reason. A love tarot reading will reveal the true issues he has with commitment. Your love tarot reading will also offer assistance in getting him past his commitment issues if it is at all possible. The man you love is not going to seek out help so that he can be ready willing and able to commit to you, but you can.

There is no need to stay lost in the confusion of your relationship, banging your head, yelling to the Universe “Why won’t he commit?” Sarah and Sophia have the answers.  Let Sarah and Sophia help you get the commitment that you desire.

Tarot Readings by Phone: Are YOU are the Right One for HIM?

Tarot readings by phone will bring clarity when you find yourself wondering if you are the right one for him. So many times we get wrapped up in wondering if he is the right guy for you, but realistically, are you the right one for him? This is really a good thing to consider, when you are first getting to know someone, dating or at the beginning of your relationship, because you really may not be the right one for him. Your standards and ideals could be completely different and if so the relationship would never work, no matter how attracted you are to him or how much your love him. Tarot readings by phone will allow you see if this relationship will work and what changes, if any, you would need to make, to keep your relationship on track. So what are some of the things to consider when you ask yourself, are you the right one for him?

tarot readings by phone

Tarot Readings by Phone: Are YOU the Right One for Him?

  • Your guy is a workaholic and you can’t stand it. You want him to work less and spend more time with you.
  • Your boyfriend isn’t ready to settle down yet you want to get married and start a family.
  • You are engaged to a man who is trustworthy, but because you were cheated on or lied to in the past, you have trust issues.
  • Your girlfriend is the life of the party and loves to go out yet you are a homebody.
  • Your husband loves his job that doesn’t pay that well but makes him happy and feel good about himself.
  • Your wife wants to go back to college and get her degree but you want a stay-at-home wife.
  • Your boyfriend is a sports enthusiast, loves to watch them and play them yet you have zero interest and want him to grow up and knock it off.
  • You have self-esteem issues and you need constant re-assurance from the one you love that they love you.
  • Because you have a fear of abandonment you become clingy and needy out of fear the one you love will leave you.
  • Your boyfriend / girlfriend is laid back and a really sweet person that likes to do things for others. You want them to change because you see it as them being taken advantage of or a doormat.

Should this person change for you? Would they be better off with someone who either thinks or sees things more like they do? Is your way really what is best for them? Will they wind up happy if they change, or just you? With your perception and opinions are you the right one for them? What if they would be happier with someone else? What if you try to change them and they decide they would rather stay the same and are willing to let you go?

In a tarot readings by phone we make sure not to just look at the differences between the two people in a relationship. Our tarot readings will inform you if the changes you want or expect can happen, what will happen if they do. Sure, you may be able to get someone to change or give things up for you, but don’t you want to know if there will be any consequences because of it? Do you want to be sitting pretty thinking everything is great and you finally have the relationship you want only to have them building up resentments towards you? Those resentments could lead them to break up or divorce you. Will those changes they made for you make you happy and them miserable? If they do, your victory will be short lived.

Tarot readings by phone will let you know if the change is possible, if the changes will make BOTH of you happy in the long run, and if you two are right for one another. You may, depending on what your tarot reading shows, be told you need to accept certain things about the one you love rather than force a change that will ultimately make you lose them. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise will help you prevent any baggage you are carrying from sabotaging your current relationship. No one wants to pay for the mistakes or misdeeds of someone else. Tarot readings by phone will reveal what changes YOU need to make to make you the right one for THEM.

Getting Back Together with Your Ex?

Getting back together with your ex may not be as easy, nor as difficult, as you may think. Break ups don’t always mean the end of a relationship, but a time for each person involved to take a time-out. During that time-out you should really take a good look at the relationship and determine if you really do want to consider getting back together with your ex. Your ex may share your opinion or have a completely different opinion regarding getting back together. A reconciliation is only going to happen if both parties agree to get back together.

getting back together

Getting Back Together: Find Out with Love Tarot Reading

If you decide to you want to try getting back together with your ex, what are some of the things you should consider? The first thing you should do is give them a little space from the break up itself. Give their anger (or whatever emotion there may have) a little time to dissipate, just like yours will. The next step is to look at why the break up happened in the first place. Did your ex do something wrong? Did your ex behave in a way that made you feel that breaking up with them was the only answer? What will your ex have to change, or do differently, to prevent a future break up? There is no point in focusing on getting back together with your ex if you do not resolve the issues that caused the break up in the first place.

Yes, you want your ex back, but will they be back to stay? If you get your ex back can you be sure they won’t repeat the same behavior that caused the break up in the first place? What do you need as reassurance from your ex that it won’t happen again? You have to be realistic, because each fight and break up do damage to the relationship. Sure, when or if you get your ex back it will be all sunshine and roses at first, but the same problems you had before will rear their ugly faces again and cause yet another break up.

What if your ex broke up with you? What if your ex does not want to get back together with you? You need to understand that you cannot force your ex to take you back. If you try you may convince them even MORE that they shouldn’t take you back. You have to look at the reasons they gave you for breaking up in the first place. Rather than defend, for instance, why you are always late and forget to call, ask yourself truthfully if you really CAN stop being late and REMEMBER to call. If you can’t, or won’t take the change seriously, don’t bother trying to get your ex back. Unless you can convince your ex that you can and will change you may not get a second chance. Trust me, if you DO get a second chance and do the same things all over again, kiss your third chance goodbye. They will be convinced you will NEVER change and it will be over for good.

Sometimes the things men and women try to get an ex back actually backfires big time. Instead of bringing the ex closer, it makes them run further away! Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can give you the guidance you need, as well as action steps, to get your ex back. Forget about spells that won’t work and are just a waste of your money. Do something that has the greatest chance of success, and your psychic reading can tell you exactly what that is. We will not tell you what you want to here, because not every ex will take you back.

Unfortunately it can’t be that way, because not all relationships are meant to last. Some will move on to other relationships and leave you behind. You have to find out the truth, either way, so you can do what is best to get your ex back, or let them go and get closure for yourself. Don’t resort to melodramatic tactics that won’t work on your ex. Your ex won’t come back (and if they do by some miracle they won’t stay) because you make them feel guilty. Guilt won’t work. They have to come back because they love you and don’t want to move forward without you. Let us help devise a plan for getting back together, or accept that your ex has moved on. It’s time you found out the truth.

When Will He Commit?

So many callers want to know when will he commit? When you first meet someone there is the hope that you will click, continue to spend time together, and enter in to a relationship. Being in a relationship to most people means that there is a commitment from both parties. But what if you have been with someone for a while and although you feel like you are in a relationship, no commitment has been forthcoming?
Sometimes women summon up the courage to ask their boyfriend when or if their relationship will ever become a committed one. Opening up a dialogue about commitment with the man in their life will either offer a satisfactory result or one that leaves them feeling disappointment. Your boyfriend (or any man in your life) could simply say they aren’t ready for a commitment and don’t know when or if they ever will be. So what are you supposed to do in a situation like that?  Hope for the best that some day the commitment fairy will bless you with the relationship you want? Should you wait and see if a commitment is forthcoming? What if you wait for a commitment and never get one? How long is a reasonable time to stick with a relationship without a commitment?
tarot readings by phone when will he commit
The answers vary for each couple. Some women may not be ready to commit themselves to the relationship yet either. They are more than willing to wait for a commitment from the man they are seeing (or their boyfriend) because they aren’t sure if they are ready to fully commit. They know that both members of a couple should be ready for a commitment at the same time.
What often happens between men and women though is that the woman IS committed to the relationship, and the man is not. The man KNOWS the woman is committed, because she let him know either verbally, or by her actions. (Or both) He didn’t have to offer her a commitment in order to get one from her. She committed to him without getting a commitment in return. That was her mistake and a mistake that many women make when it comes to commitment.
One of the reasons a man won’t commit and be in an exclusive relationship with you is because he already has a commitment from you. He knows you aren’t seeing, sleeping, or dating anyone else. So what does he get by giving you a commitment? Nothing, he already has everything he needs. He also doesn’t feel a sense of urgency to give you one because you have already been with him without a commitment and he feels you won’t end the relationship.
Can his frame of mind when it comes to commitment change? That is a question you can find the answer to with a tarot reading. Your adviser can do a tarot reading on the man in your life and find out if he ever will commit, when he will commit to you, and how to get him to commit to you if possible. Would you rather wait around for your man to commit to you, possible risking NEVER getting a commitment? Wouldn’t you rather know how or if you can speed the process of getting your commitment from him? Wouldn’t you like to know if your man is committed to this relationship he has with you?
Sometimes, without having given you a commitment per say, he is still behaving as if he did. He may not have committed to you but has no intention or desire to sleep with another woman, date another woman, or do anything with another woman because he is happy with YOU. He is just waiting til he feels ready to discuss commitment with you. Wouldn’t knowing that make your wait a lot easier? We can tell you what is going on inside that man (or woman) you loves heart and mind. We can tell you WHY he hasn’t committed to you, and what the holdup is. Even though you aren’t getting a commitment from him, why not make a commitment to yourself? Call one of our psychic advisors and get the help you need to get the commitment you want, or to find out the truth that you will never GET a commitment from this man and either accept that fact, or move on.

Will My Boyfriend Change? Get Answers with Tarot Readings by Phone

So many women wonder “Will my boyfriend change?”. They wait patiently (and are now impatient) to see if things will get better. They are waiting around to see if their boyfriend, or husband, will magically change into the man they first fell in love with, or at least a man that no longer drives her crazy.

The questions you really need answers to when asking “Will my boyfriend change” are as follows:

1) What created the change in the first place?
2) Do you have any responsibility in the change occurring?
3) Do you need to make any changes as well? What is it you need to do?
4) Would you be willing to make change if you have to? Can you make those changes?
5) Do you feel that change may no longer be possible? How can you get hope back, if there is any?
6) Do you feel he (your boyfriend or husband) has all the power in your relationship and you have none? How can you get some power back?
7) Are you having the same arguments all the time? What will it take to get those issues solved?
8  Are you the best thing that has ever happened to him yet he is, at times, your worst nightmare?
9) Are you frustrated by what could be between you and your boyfriend or husband and feel it is such a shame that he is ruining everything?
10) Are you enabling him NOT to change?

will my boyfriend change tarot readings by phone

Will My Boyfriend Change?

There are reasons why people change. They are the catalyst that brings about change. What reason does your boyfriend or husband have to change? If they are happy, and you are not, don’t expect them to make changes. Change is HARD. We usually only do it if we have to. Does he have to? Or will you just keep being miserable while he is the happy dictator in your relationship?

Psychics Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are prepared to help you answer those questions, and to guide you along the path towards change. Stop staying stuck where you are. It will only get worse. Find out with a psychic love reading if your relationship will change, can change, and how to bring about POSITIVE, not NEGATIVE change. You have more power than you think, let psychics Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah empower you to take control of your relationship and get it back on track.

Some relationships will not bend to change, but will break instead. Should you be waiting for your dream to come true, that he will make those changes and the two of you will ride off into the sunset? What if this change is never going to happen? Don’t you want to know before you waste more of your time? Psychics Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah won’t sugarcoat things. They will tell you like it is, good or bad. Keep in mind, when we tell our female clients to make changes to make the men in their life change, they often resist us, or say they can’t change. And guess what? Their relationship does not change, things only go from bad to worse. Is that what you want? Are you ready for the change you say you want so bad?

Tarot readings by phone with Sophia Elise or Lady Sarah can really get your relationship back on track if possible and they will able to give you the guidance you need to make it so or the courage you need to move on.

Mixed Signals and Mixed Messages

Mixed signals and mixed messages can really be confusing in a relationship, and tarot readings by phone can help you read the signals,signs and messages properly. When you love someone, you are looking for validation and confirmation that they feel the same way about you that you feel about them. You want the one you love to want the same things out of a relationship that you do, and to see a future between the two of you. But what if all he gives you are mixed signals and mixed messages and you have no idea what he really feels, thinks and wants from you and your relationship? Tarot readings by phone can be so enlightening to those of you that are having trouble reading the man that you love.

mixed signals mixed messages

Are you Getting Mixed Signals and Mixed Messages?

He could be flaky or confused himself, and is unsure about what he really wants from a relationship. He could be getting too emotionally involved with you but does not want you to know, so he purposely sends you these mixed signals and mixed messages. Tarot readings by phone will tell you if this guy is just playing head and heart  games with you, or if he is just afraid to show you too much right now. You do not want to be too insecure or angry with him if you shouldn’t be, and if things are going to change soon, and his signals and messages in the near future are going to be clear and consistent, why get into an argument? Tarot readings by phone with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise will give you the truth about what he really thinks, how he really feels, and anything he is trying to hide from you.

Does the man in your life say something wonderful one day and then either take it back or say something negative the next? Does what he says and what he does not match up? Does he tell you he loves you but does nothing to show it, or vise versa? Tarot readings by phone will not tell you what you want to hear, but what is important for you to know. You may want him to feel something for you, but if he really does not, it is about time you found out, and a psychic reading will tell you.

Is there a man that you would like to get involved with that seems to like you in a romantic way? Have you been wondering why he runs hot and cold from one day to the next? Are you tired of thinking he is finally going to make his move but he just drops the ball instead? Do you know a man from work or at school that is very friendly and flirty, but then acts cold the next time you see him? Have people asked if there is something going on with you two and you wonder where there isn’t something going on? Are people telling you he likes you but you are unsure because he is so inconsistent?  Tarot readings by phone with expert readers will help you get to the bottom of what is really going on. Your tarot readings by phone will tell you if he is just harmlessly flirting with you, or if he will act on it. There may be a good reason he has not moved forward with you just yet, and you can find out that reason during your phone psychic reading. What if the man you love is involved with someone else. Has he told you how bad his relationship is, but then makes excuses for her? Has he complimented you and said how great you are? Are you wondering why, if he is so unhappy, that he stays with her? Do you wonder if he will ever really leave her and start something with you? If you have questions such as these, then here is where tarot readings by phone from Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise can really help you.

Psychics Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise will tell you if the one you love in is being flirtatious with you because they are a flirt, or if they want to see something happen between the two of you. Do not waste time daydreaming about someone if those dreams will never come true. Tarot readings by phone with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can help you with finding a clear understanding of why you are getting mixed messages from this person in the first place, and help you get to the truth.

Psychic Frauds and Phoneys: Buyer Beware!

There are many psychic frauds out there waiting to prey on your emotional vulnerability. Anyone claiming to be 100% accurate or who guarantee their results: Well here is a news flash, only God is 100% accurate, and as for guaranteed results: TRY to get your money back and its GUARANTEED you wont get it. Anyone making this claim should be avoided. Should you make the mistake of sending anyone money, save your receipts-they are NOT going to give you back your money out of the kindness of their hearts, if there actually WAS kindness is their heart they wouldn’t have asked you to send them money in the FIRST place! Remember, a con artist can only con you if they “appear” to be “sweet, compassionate, and caring”. That’s how con artists/ fake psychics can commit psychic fraud, they get you-by making you BELIEVE they care about YOU.

psychic tarot readings by phone psychic frauds

Psychic Frauds are on the Internet

They care about your CASH-and what it can do for THEM. These phony psychics will resort to anything to get your money……………such as: they need “x” amount of dollars to go to a church and have to have candles made of you, your loved ones, in an effort to “rid you/them of negativity, curses, or spells. If ANY psychic gives you a line even remotely close to this, run to the hills. Do not give any psychic YOUR phone number, 9 times out of ten these fake psychics will call you incessantly because they want you to believe you need this “work” done, and they feel they can pressure you into it. This is a classic example of psychic fraud. Never give ANY psychic your address either, because if this psychic is a fraud, it will make you feel very vulnerable knowing they have your address. Another method these phony fake psychics use to get you to send them an enormous amount of $ is that you would have whatever you wanted, if it wasn’t for the fact there is a spell or negativity around you.

These frauds say THAT is the reason you aren’t getting what you want and are having hard times, and if you send them money they can burn for you, or they will bury your “dirty money” in sacred ground, all will be wonderful for you again. A big scam these fake psychics have used is to tell you that you have been cursed for 7 years (whatever # they come up with) and for $1,000.00 for each YEAR that you “pay the saints to protect you and remove the curse you will be ok again. (all that for $7,000.00! What a deal!) Many times if a person is desperately wanting to be re-united with their lost love, and their lost love has someone NEW in their life, the fake psychic will tell them “he loves YOU but SHE/HE put a curse/spell/black magic on them and you will NEVER get them back unless it is REMOVED (and, sure enough, they cant do it FOR you, for a fee of course). Another slant on this psychic fraud is the fake psychic will tell ANYONE who is having problems with a mate is that things will get worse unless they have their aura cleansed or they do some “love spells” to make everything “happy” again. No one can do this for you, if they could, no movie star would EVER get divorced, neither would anyone rich for that matter, as THEY can afford to have spells done DAILY, and these people would be in too high demand to be dealing with YOU. That’s like some person who spots you at a gas station decides YOU are the one for them and can get candles and spells and have you fall in love with them? Yeah, right…………..and if you were happily married they could get you to divorce so you could be with them by casting a spell? Please, that is ridiculous. Psychic fraud is prevalent, please use caution when parting with your hard-earned money.



Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are both 5-star authentic master psychics who focus on love and relationships to help YOU get your relationship on track. They are not here to give you false hope when there is none, nor will they allow you to stay stuck in a situation or relationship that is no longer serving you or your highest good. Psychic readings with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are real. They get to the heart of the situation quickly, allowing you to see where you have problems in your life that need addressing. They will not attempt to sell you candle burnings, aura cleansings, meditations or rituals and love spells. They will just tell you what they see and your will get accurate, honest guidance.

Getting Back Together or Time to Move On?

Wonder if you are you getting back together with your ex? Break ups are hard to accept when you do not really want the relationship to be over. You would give anything to have a chance at getting back together, and cannot see how you can go on without your ex back in your life. A love tarot reading with expert tarot readers, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise, is the best way to find out if you even stand a chance at getting back together. You need to know what is going on in your ex’s mind and heart, and they can reveal if the two of you will reunite.
getting back together psychic reading

Are you Getting Back Together?

You and your boyfriend, husband, significant other had a fight and now you wonder if a Getting Back Together tarot reading will reveal if you actually will get back together. The fight was a BIG one. Words were said, things were done, and now you are wondering “Is it over?”. “Are we done”? “Can we get passed this”? “Will we get back together?” “How is he feeling about all this?”.
Sometimes, a fight is just a fight, not necessarily the end of the relationship. But sometimes, it is the last straw and the relationship is over forever. What does this fight mean to your relationship? Not only can love psychics Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah tell you if it was just a fight or if it is the end of your love affair but they can also tell you if the fight was really about something else. A getting back together tarot reading will reveal what dynamics were really occurring in the argument and how you can prevent them in the future.
Don’t you want to get inside your lovers heart and head and find out how they are feeling and thinking about you after your big blow up? Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah can fill you in during a getting back together tarot reading. Do you find you and your partner often fight like this? Is there a way to put a stop to your disagreements and keep them from escalating? Have you tried everything you can think of but the same blow ups keep happening?

He may have left you to pursue a relationship with someone else, and you want to know if that will work out. Your tarot readingwill reveal if his new romance will go anywhere, or will crash and burn. Even if his new relationship does not work out, it does not mean he will give you another shot by getting back together. Tarot readings will not only predict how his new relationship will go, but if he will eventually come back to you.

You may be thinking about getting out there and meeting someone new, since you and your ex may not be getting back together. But what if your ex has been thinking about contacting you? What if your ex has been missing you, thinking about you, and is having trouble moving on? Before you get back out into the dating scene, find out if it really is over, or if he is coming back? No one wants to meet someone new and think they have a shot at romance, only to have the person get back with their ex. So why do that to someone else? Tarot readings can help you to avoid hurting someone new by advising you against giving someone else a shot because you will be getting back together with your ex.

What if it has been such a long time since you connected with your ex and getting back together seems highly unlikely? The world and our lives change overnight, and stranger things have happened in our lives than getting contact with an ex. Time apart does not necessarily mean a thing. Sarah and Sophia can tell you how your ex is really doing, and either give you the closure you need to move on, or the strength to be patient.

Not every couple that breaks up has a chance at getting back together. It sucks that we cannot control if we will get back together with our ex, and have to leave that decision to them. All you want to know is if and when you may get the chance to reunite, and Sarah and Sophia will give you the proper guidance in this. Your emotions may prevent you from seeing the truth. Your friends and family have their own opinions. Sarah and Sophia bypass all emotion and get to the truth. If you really want to know if you and your ex will be getting back together then get a tarot reading from a psychic experienced in love and relationships and find out today.
Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are both expert master tarot readers who specialize in love and relationship questions. Additionally Psychic Lady Sarah and Psychic Sophia Elise are certified relationship life coaches who will help guide you to making the best relationship decisions for yourself and your own happiness. If you are in a breakup situation and want to know if you are getting back together with your ex, they will be honest with you. It is not their goal to keep you stuck with false hope but rather to help you move on with your life. If they see you reuniting they will give you guidance on how to make the relationship work this time around.


Is He Having an Affair?

Do you wonder if he is having an affair? Your husband or boyfriend may have changed recently. He may be staying later at work, seem preoccupied, going out with the boys more and your sex life has definitely taking a nose dive. You begin to ask yourself “Is he having an affair”?

Love tarot card readings can tell you if he is having an affair now or contemplating having an affair in the future. There may be someone at work who has caught his eye, and you need to know about it as soon as possible. Tarot card readers can warn you about the woman that may have caught his eye and tell you what will transpire between your guy and this chick in the future. They can also reveal how to prevent your guy from cheating on you in the future.

is he having an affair tarot readings by phone

Is He Having an Affair?

There may be a woman who knows he has you in his life but could care less, she wants him anyway and is going to do everything she can to get him. A tarot card reading can tell you what her intentions are so you know how to beat her at her little games, manipulations and mind tricks. Stop her in her tracks and get him to abandon that fantasy once and for all!

He may already be having an affair and you have forgiven him and tried to keep your relationship going. You may have trust issues (and rightfully so) because of his affair and are wondering if he is going to do it again. A love tarot reading will tell you if you were right to put your trust and faith in him again, or if he will betray that trust and faith. You may wonder if he is still seeing her, even though he told you the affair is over and they no longer communicate. You want to know the truth, and love tarot readings will tell you if he is still cheating or if he really did call it quits.

What if there is someone you are interested in having an affair with? You may wonder if they would ever stray or if they are committed to their relationship. Love tarot readers like Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah can tell you what his relationship is really like and if he would never even consider having an affair, or if he would step outside his marriage. They can get deep into the heart of the matter and tell you if he has already thought about having an affair with you, and if he is prepared for the consequences of it.

A love tarot reading will reveal if the affair will be kept a secret, or if it will come out in the open. This is especially useful information if it is you that is considering having an affair. A love psychic will be able to tell you anything you need to know about an affair and answer your question “Is he having an affair?”. Sarah and Sophia can give you in depth information on when the affair started, who initiated it, and how and when it will end. No one wants to be the last to find out if their guy is cheating and love psychics will make sure you are not the last to know.